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Why should say Amen after prayers? Amen mean?

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Users questions:Why should say Amen after prayers? Amen mean?
Experts answer:"Amen" means "As like" Amen, although a Christian in the letter has been pronounced, and sang praises and prayers of the most commonly used word, but its original meaning in the Bible, seems to have the humanism of the erosion of the church was gradually forgotten. For the most fundamentalist and evangelical people, Amen means "I feel good", such a subjective human-centered attitude in the past two centuries, almost dominated the whole of Europe and the United Church have a direct impact to the Chinese Church. Lusideni investigation "Amen" is said, "Amen" is often the approval of the law of God, in the "Apocalypse", is the witness of Christ as directly linked. "Christ is the Amen, because he is 'the faithful and true witness', the law declared by him, and he also witnessed the affront to all of the law, any person who is not accepted in Christ's atonement in death, he eventually Those who will offend the death penalty law. "[7] Churton masterpiece in its theology, reiterated:" According to biblical theology, the true meaning of Amen is very strong. In fact, Amen is a promise: that A who is asking the covenant curse upon themselves (refer to the people 5:21-22; application 27:15-26; Nepal 5:12-13). as our Amen, Christ by his perfect obedience, rescue the sacrifice of atonement, intercession in heaven continuing (Corinthians 1:20; plus 3:13; to 7:22-28; 9:24-28; 10:10-14), Christ is the covenant of promise guarantor. Therefore, in the worship ceremony, the Word of God when we say Amen, when both a pledge of salvation is not dependent on recognition of our hold on our own covenant, but completely dependent on Jesus Christ hold fast to the covenant completely, he replaced himself under the provisions of the covenant we are, instead we played a covenant curse. "[8] Calvin highly praised the Lord's Prayer, that" God when we seek to , or may ask, are included in this prayer again, and this prayer was taught to us in person. Christ is the Heavenly Father has given us the best teacher, but we can only listen to, because Christ is God's eternal wisdom; ... ... complete this prayer is so complete, so that those with objections to it do not match, or not related, that is, the ungodly, useless, and not permitted by God "[9]. So when we finished praying, saying Amen, we have to examine ourselves: Is there a God in Jesus Christ and the good? Did the God-centered, and his music? There is no revelation of God's law as the standard? "May God have mercy on us and bless us, face to shine upon us" (Psalm 67:1). "Amen" is a covenant oath is an oath before God to obey God's law, it is a serious matter. Although our prayers and our Father in heaven traffic, there is joy and freedom of Christians, but also a serious matter. "Moses said unto the people that day: ... do not adhere to comply with the law of speech, will be cursed. The people shall say: Amen" (Deuteronomy 27:11-26)! "Your word is my feet and a light for my path of light. Your righteous judgments, I have sworn to comply, I will press the oath and the line. I even was suffering, Lord, ah, come as you say to my rescue live. Lord, ah, pleasing to my mouth, ask your praise for his offering, in turn teach me thy judgments. my name often in danger, I do not forget your law. wicked have laid a snare for me, I but not from thy precepts. I was always in your testimonies of the industry, because this is my favorite in mind. My heart is special to you, statutes, and always comply, has been in the end "(Psalm 119:105-112) ;, "you go to the house of God to be careful steps. Go near to listen rather than to sacrifice of fools, they do not know that this is evil. you before God is not bold mouth, do not hurry to speak. because God is in heaven and you in the ground, so let your words be few "(Biography 5:1-2).
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