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Who knows its title and author

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Users questions:Who knows, "forty-eight thousand little is southeast dipping down to this To dream I want consequent Yue --------" what the subject, who the author is
Experts answer:Yin Tian Mu Bai sleepwalking do Haike talk left Yingzhou, smoke Tao Weimang letter hard to find. The more people language Tian Mu, clear of clouds off or see. Grievances to the days of Wang Tian Mu, pulling the saying cover potential Akagi. Roof forty-eight thousand little knowledge, which want to pour down the southeast. Dreams I would like to consequent Yue, Fit Mirror Lake on the night. In my shadow on the lake, sent me to a quiet river. Xie public places at this still, Lu Qing Yuanti water waves. Foot forward to thank the public skis, body Denzin ladder. Banbi see the sea at the air smell Chicken. Qian Yan Wan Road, turn volatile fans suddenly have dawned Stone Flower Forest. Bears roar Dragons Yanyan Quan, Li Xi shock layer the top of the deep forest. Green Come To the rain clouds, water, hygiene Xi Dan Dan tobacco. Lieque Perak, Qiu Luan collapse destroyed. Cave Rock fan, sound of a crash course in the open. Ching Ming, the mighty did not bottomed out, sun and the moon shining gold and silver sets. Ni Xi winds for the clothes horse, clouds have come under the Prince of Come. Tiger Xi Luan Enter harp, fairy person Come out as Ma. Soul soul suddenly afraid to move, suddenly startled and long sigh. However, when the pillow mat sense, the loss has always been hazy. Worldly pleasures is also the case, everything is flowing east since ancient times. Do not Come when the king went further, and put Bai Luqing cliff, the bank is required to visit famous ride. An elite Nengcui eyebrows bow down things that I not happy Yan.
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