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What is classical music

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Experts answer:Our so-called "classical music" is also the stage for a special --- they are from an agricultural to an industrial economy, from handicraft production to the stage of industrial production, the * masters of classical music by Bach, the father of popular organ improvisation What if the world is R & B? R & B's full name is the Rhythm & Blues, generally translated as "rhythm blues" or "rhythm and blues." Broadly, R & B can be regarded as "black popular music", which comes from black Blues music, is now the westbound pop and rock foundation, Billboard magazine has referred scheduled R & B to all black music except Jazz and Blues, the can be classified as R & B, R & B shows how broad the scope. Black music scene in recent years, much of the Hip Hop and Rap prevalence are derived from the R & B, and also holds a lot of R & B elements. What is a HOUSE? HOUSE is in the eighties developed along the self-DISCO dance music. This is a Chicago DJ playing the music, the German electronic band Kraftwerk them with a new record and electronic drums (Drum Machine) black rhythm and blues songs in a mix, House to produce ~ usually translated as "ho Room "dance, the most basic type of electronic dance music, 4 / 4 beat rhythm, a beat of a drum, accompanied by simple melodies, often high-pitched female voice singing. DISCO popular, some of the DJ to change it, determined to be DISCO become more non-commercialized, BASS and drums become more deep, often becomes a pure music, even if there are vocals are mostly sung by the singer dancing short sentences, often without explicit lyrics. Gradually, some joined the LATIN (Latin), REGGAE (Ruige Yuan in the West Indies), RAP (rap) or JAZZ (jazz), and other elements, to the late eighties, HOUSE out of the ground range, as Chicago, New York and the darling of the London pop charts. Why is called "House" it? That is as long as you have a simple recording equipment, benches in the trade by trimming a quilt Yu Zhong Jesus Temple House is the most electronic music we are likely to be accepted. Cher singing Believe is a good example . The M-People can be said that House representative bodies. House dance music became popular in 1986, may be said to be replaced Disco music. House can be divided into: Acid House is the integration of the TB-303 Acid House Music Deep Voice House has a very strong soul singing, also called Garage, very pop-oriented. Like Real Mecoy, M-People, La Bouche are the Garage group. Hard House short, heavy rhythm, more fierce in the House. Progressive House House lacks the soul singing of these, but pay more attention to melody and music arrangement. a bit like "playing class" House music. like SASH! album It''s My Life is a very good Progressive House album. Epic House is the "epic" House. Epic House has a beautiful, smooth melodies and majestic momentum, rarely vocal in it (almost did not!). BT's music is great Epic House, and he also called "Epic House Emperor." a matter of fact even the Rock has "Epic Rock" Trible House Picture this: the original style with African or Indian drums played in the House is sawed? This is Trible House ~ The House in addition to the general House steady rhythm, the beat in between each, will include some with the original style, fragmented drum. quite interesting ~ But, House's too broad, and we deliberately do not have a song category. These are just tell you, House are many "only. to the nineties, HOUSE has been reduced by that avant-garde, trendy colors, but is still very popular music. What is Britpop? Britpop although a" Pop "word, but in fact Rock a, from the nineties British, Chinese can be translated as "British rock", which is England Grunge music wave of a response to the United States, mainly in the form of the band. However, Britpop style is actually very broad, If a guitar rock band Oasis, Blur are a lot of Pop, and is close to Glam Rook Pulp and dance styles, but they are as Britpop. British Britpop representative: Oasis, Blur, Suede, Pulp, Radiohead What is Trip-Hop ? Trip-Hop is a UK / European dance music, a kind of source of its name is "Trip + Hip-Hop = Trip-Hop", because it originated in the United Kingdom Bristol, so the first time called "Bristol Hip-Hop" . As to the Hip-Hop (in fact, a lot of music is Hip-Hop on the structure in the ... ... I do not know Sha is Hip-Hop in to see street dance, and they mostly use the Hip-Hop music to dance to. ) slower pace (very slow and sometimes very slowly) adding some psychedelic flavor, such as very dark, hypertrophy Bass, a slight, but the synthesis of psychedelic sound, or sample some music, and sometimes may even record the noise will be " intentionally "sample into account. the so-called" Trip ", refers to the psychedelic, the mixing of drugsourney, so, Trip-Hop is the Adagio of the hallucinogenic species, there are Jazz feeling, confused, a little Hip-Hop Rhythm Break beat music. Although it attached to the dance music category, but its characteristics have made it psychedelic dancing confused the general beat of dance music all the characteristics of a clear stray very far. a foreign representative Trip-Hop: Trip-Hop in Iron Triangle recognized ortishead, Tricky, Massive Attack, Mandalay Moloko, Coldcut What is Synth Pop? Synth Pop's "Synth", which Synthesizer, by definition, Synth Pop is "concocted by the Sythesizrs pop out", of course, will spend outside than other electronic Synthesizers instruments such as computers and drum machines, etc.. Synth Pop became popular in the early eighties to mid eighties silence, then set off in Hong Kong has been a while boom. Synth Pop is characterized by a sense of strong science and technology, sometimes quite cold , songs and more is "three minutes pop songs" (3-minutes Pop), often Synth Pop Pops musicians will be dressed up. Synth Pop behalf of combinations: Depeche Mode, Human League, Duran Duran, OMD, Gary Numan what is ORCHESTRA ? ORCHESTRA is the Philharmonic, it is divided into four parts: a String, including the violin, cello, etc., 2 3 woodwind brass percussion, and four groups of 4. String group of persons were playing each instrument (except harp) , four players co-ordination and leadership by one person, he is the orchestra conductor. ORCHESTRA appeared in the 17th century to 18th century works by Haydn and Mozart and clearly establish a pattern. the 19th century added some new instruments, the number of bands increase. ORCHESTRA Western classical / classical music authentic. Western pop / rock ORCHESTRA often use some or all members to assist performance. What is Gangsta Rap? Gangsta Rap is a kind of Rap, Rap content to more crime and urban about, full of violence, lust feelings, which reflects the reality of a musical direction. Gangsta Rap in the late eighties and the rise in the United States, the powerful sharp Rap music camp, popular in the United States, record high sales. without Gangsta Rap musicians themselves less real "participation" in reality all kinds of crimes, some of them even imprisonment or even death, can be said to truly reflect the real and shocking musical genres. Gangsta Rap mix of the table: Ice-T, Ice Cube , Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy Dogg, 2 Pac, Geto Boys What is Synth Pop? Synth Pop's "Synth", which Synthesizer, by definition, Synth Pop is "concocted by the Sythesizrs pop out" things, of course, in addition Synthesizers will spend computers and other electronic instruments such as drum machines, etc.. Synth Pop became popular in the early eighties to mid eighties silence, then set off in Hong Kong has been a while boom. Synth Pop is characterized by a sense of strong science and technology sometimes quite cold, songs and more is "three minutes pop songs" (3-minutes Pop), often Synth Pop Pops musicians will be dressed up. Synth Pop behalf of combinations: Depeche Mode, Human League, Duran Duran, OMD, Gary Numan. What is the CHAMBER POP? CHAMBER POP is elegant, noble, refined a pop, it has a certain feeling of classical music. CHAMBER MUSIC The term comes from classical music, the Chinese called "Chamber Music" is a kind of group string musician musical form, the atmosphere elegant. CHAMBER POP rise in the nineties, is then LO-FI
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