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  • Please tell me the process of your company.Fox example ,when an order is made,how it is executed ? the price of the products are decided by whom? what's the usual channel of your company to find customer? and so on .I hope more people can join us to talk about this topic.Thus,we can learn more
  • I can't receive goods from Shenzhen Weituosheng Technology Co., Ltd. In the writing :Destination - Mongolia The item (RC215187775HK) was returned to sender on 4-Mar-2013. Sender cannot reply mewhere did you buy the product? And how you pay for it? Usu. it is hard to find the
  • Isn't it international trade customs that factory supply a free sample and the buyer pay for the courier.Asker
    Recommended It's up to the quantity and value of the samples. Also the relations.So it's much better to deal with these things flexiblely.
  • we want TradeManager protable to can chat with the supplyer
  • Why other countries don't believe in Pakistani Nation??? We are Trust worthy people! please answer Best Regard's Raees AhmadMaybe not other countries do not believe in Pakistani Nation, they just do not believe some people in your country.   For me, I believe Pakistani Nation becau
  • i am interested in starting an import business but have no idea what to import i would appriciate any help on directing me to usefull resources and research tools or any sort of help that will give me some sort of an answer best regards raees ahmadIn my opinion, before you start business you shou
  • Whilst many business development managers may be perfectly fluent in their own language, and maybe a second, it is quite obvious that many advertisers are using translation programs and believing there is a direct translation process taking place. Far from it. If you were presenting a busine
  • How do I get my product and what will I have to pay. The value is $1,000.You hve to show your ID card take the delivery because for such amount there is no custom and also no need of any documents so, u got ur product yet with the above suggestion?
  • Who didnt have enough initial investments to get Premium or Gold membership.Asker
    Recommended Plz Make some knowledgeable answers so that every one could make advantage of that.thanks
  • How to place an ad in a way that would see it all?Dear Sergey you can Introduce your products to add your products on your own page,If you are gold supplier then it will be offer to all buyers who mentioned same products in their profile.
  • The day before Christmas, the DHL delivered my package to a wrong address and marked it as "delivered". I couldn't therefore use the web interface on AliExpress to open a dispute. DHL UK acknowledges the loss of the package but rejects my attempts to handle the claim since I'm n
  • Hi Guys, If any of you are planning or have the intention of starting a business or looking for distributor in Malaysia, kindly do contact me for further discussion on how we can work together. Thank You. Regards, KenOk send me more Details on my mail I will check the details and reply to
  • Hello! I chose the online t-shirt of your production, began to pay for it, the site gave error of payment, once again, for the second time site gives a similar error, I again repeated for a third time payment has passed, then I got a phone message that card shot 3 times for $ 8.9 http://trade.3466.
  • hi, i vaven't recieved my order. time for dispute and time for file claim is out. i don't know what to do. cause i really need my money. supplier says, that my product lost on the way to my country and he did't know where is it. he says that he come back my money only when your manager t
  • Im a buyer from Vietnam. I need to buy some products in China and the thing make me trouble is that I can not ascertain about the supplier 's trustworthiness. I can not go to China now. Only through Alibaba trade, mails, phone and website, I know about the supplier. I am worrying that I may be c
  • Anyone ever done business with this companyPlease send an email to ,so that we can check the details with you.
  • I am looking for supplier or investor to invest in profitable business in the hair industry. I live in Texas usa.
  • Hi all, new to this, i used alibaba once, to buy some apple lightning cables in 3m length, i bought 100 of them in november. From that 100 cables 35 of them dont work. I have been onto the person i bought them from for the last couple months, the lady kept telling me maybe its the length and can s
  • why are moneybookers and paypal no longer accepted
  • I was promised my order within 45 days, It is now more than 110 and the supplier - Vintage auto world, doesnt seem to be making any effort to supply my goods. Has anyone else had trouble dealing with this company?
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