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  • We would like to suggest Alibaba to do the following:1.  Alibaba is very interested and usefull website and many people are willing to visit so it would be better that Alibaba could show the e-mail address of buyer and supplier and allow the visitors to contact the buyer or 
  • As a buyer I often search the internet for new product to sell.When I come across a product which I want to buy, the minimum quantity is always quiet large.It will be good that there is another column where there are people willing to sell in smaller lot .After all internet is about cutting off the
  • Dear Friend,Basically I am a new user to using the services of Alibaba. Feel these very good and helpful to me to introduce my company in front of others. I would like to give one more idea to Alibaba team that may help in getting more and more users.Alibaba should start asking user to show the actu
  • T M T Systems ltdground floor, 47 Hackney RoadLondon, E2 7NXUKTel/Fax: + 44 (0)20 76811542Sales Dept.: sales@tmtsystemsuk.comOffice: contact@tmtsystemsuk.comYahoo!: www.tmtsystemsuk.comthis guy wants me to use cargoplus for shipping to me in the united states.. anyone know
  • Dear sirs,          As we all know, If you want advanced help on Alibaba, You must pay money. I thought Alibaba also want to alive , so I understand your action. But could you change the way to earn money??? I thought if somebody catch the customer in Ali
  • lets say you want a chinese carso you enter automobile in the searchwhat do you get half are toy carsso i have to waste time passing all of these toy cars to see real carsok you enter motorcycleshmmmyou're getting the messagetoys are toys aots are are autosi would show my members how much i appr
  • I was wondering if anyone is contacted by these commissions for contract awards and if they are scams or not?  I just want to make sure i have advice on this before i respond to any.  any feedback is welcome.Replying to [jeremycunnings]:I should to say if you meet the scams during your bus
  • i posted the same message twice warning people not to buy from a certain shoe company that ripped me off and both times the original message was deleted. Why would alibaba do that?bbbHi bbbutler2000,Your postings have been moved to "Trust & Security" board, where we think is a more sui