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  • Order NO1105834110 Why disput processing so long since 23.03.2013? I send all attachments/ When I recieve my money.Hello: you should check all the procedures after submit a complaint, and then contact again: Good Luck Chris from www.comprar-en-c
  • what is different exporting from shenzhen port and HK port ? which more cheaper ?See you over here is the shipping to where more appropriate, but shenzhen is a little bit better, are almost all from the mainland in yantian, left the port
  • we still can not run the facebook in PC and ipone4 in China Zone . then have not the ID to operate . so who can help us to know how to run this softe or website about facebook ? any words are appreciated from you and thanksI heard tha facebook is shielded in China, otherwise I also want to visit f
  • Hello. help please, shop ( - the real one? people out there buying? or deceive people? very suspicious of low prices, I suspect that they are scammers, but then I'm wrong, but for those prices, I would buy a lot. prompt, you can buy in the store?It Is Pos
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  • i want raw material to decrease corrosion of iron in HCLwhy don't coat the iron material before shipping? otherwise it would be difficult to prevent the iron material from getting rust in ocean transportation. Please send an email to ,so that we can check the details with
  • i was told i can copy the pictures from his store for my drop shipping site but i cannot get the pictures how do i do that?Hello Riiva: Youi have many options to copy images: 1.- right click on the image and select the option: "save image as" and the save it on your PC 2.- Use google ch
  • A freight forwarding Company based at Chennai wants to undertake sea shipment & air freighting of Medical equipments to India, on behalf of firms & Companies importing them from Europe, China & USA.. The same freight forwarding concern shall also undertake Custom Clearance at any of the
  • I have a buyer who indicates the term: "bills for payment". Does this mean that the buyer wishes to surrender their Account Receivables (Future Incoming Payments Received) as payment for an order that they wish to place with my company? Is anyone familiar with this term or type of transa
  • I have a good clients and we also have a good meeting ago , they give us a sample for us to process and we also have a greement really now and start to run as shedule . then i also know they also have another project to process by hand , so i write to him for the samples for my checking , but it is
  • most of clients also like to communciate with me and also show me more inquiry often , then we also work hard to follow the orders . but they want to discuss with me face to face in canton fair . , then i want them to place the order as soon as possibly before canton fair . so how to write back with
  • many clients really want to do business with me and they also try to relaese the quotation to his couster also but still have not the reply after a week . so he told me they have to work hard for next order ....upps really bad.
  • Hello! i ordered the luggage, but seller writes that this price does not include shipping, the shipping cost 150 usd Is it normal?You can ask for a packing list including the gross and net weight of luggage, outline dmensions from the factory. If
  • Hello, I made my first order on thos site few minutes ago, and i cannot find any information about order, tracking, etc. Where I can find it?It Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers on alibaba. How can you do business successfully but not be scammed? Wha
  • Hello! In order status is written - Finished. I returned the money to the account. But order sent me. As now pay? Order Number: 1111939217Ask to alibaba i cannot understand the processing but be insterest on this things , what happen to this case ??
  • Hello, my complaint 411313775 is about 2 weeks in status 'processing' it's normally? When my complaint would be looked? Big thanks.Asker
    Recommended as my experience . it is a good way to do according to your complaint sheet. the system will show the complaintment t supplier if yo
  • i want to sell laptop bags,mobile phone case,don't find the buyer? who can help me?my person email is, thank you for your help in advance now i a big presure very day,many hope who can help meAsker
    Recommended Commodity information will be attached to the goods in the
  • Who do I call?So that I will get my money back?
  • Hi I make payment but my payment was frozen.Why is this so and can I get back my money?it is usual for you to do after pay , for both you and supplier , the third parties will keep the money to keep trade process Normal operation so that two side can trust each other .
  • What does that mean?
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