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  • I need rice buyer in dubai??????
  • I need oil vessel for charter 30,000 to 50000 mton
  • I need LPG vessel for charter 10,000 to 30000 mton
  • In germany which rice is papular
  • Hello How can I receive samples of fabric colors and product BEFORE I place an order> I am looking for Gimgham Check Fabric Speier Trading Company Thank you Nancy ACK TreasuresPlease give me more details on my mail I will check the details and reply to yours thanks and most welcome on ALI
  • In case someone is Overweight or Obesity, I strongly recommend him/her to take Enzymes with food. Because it is the First step to healthy life. What is the best site for advertising ? It really works within 7 days !!! Check it out www.tobeyoung.netPlease give me more details on my mail
  • I will contact you by tomorrow please give me a chance to understand your system By 10:00 AM mountain stander time thanksPlease give me more details on my mail I will check the details and reply to yours thanks and most welcome on ALIBABA
  • i want to export steam coal for minimum quantity 25000 mton plz refer me bueyrsAsker
    Recommended you should contact the power plants,glass factory,steel mill ,other factories they are end user of steam coal
  • I want to export Iron ore plz help for actual buyersAsker
    Recommended steel mils are actual buyers contact with them.
  • Can somebody refer me a budget Air Freight options from Mumbai, India to Cartago Colombia. ThanksPlease give me more details on my mail I will check the details and reply to yours thanks and most welcome on ALIBABA Please send an email to ,so that we can check the details wi
  • Dear service, How many more days is the processing? Mine Case Number: 410501688 Payment Date: 21/10/2012 Filed a claim Date: 07/11/2012 Thank You! Look forward to your reply!
  • I have placed an order on 28 Jan 2013 and it was auppose to reach UK within 10 days range (10-14)feb , the place of deliery is a hotel in uk , how can i know that the shippment arrived , i tried tracking and i got notning from it , what shall i do ?ask the carrier for help you can try UPS/DHL nex
  • I have a small furniture store and fashion boutique. I obviously cannot meet the MOQ. I need to find a local wholesaler here in the USA. However, if I find a company/designer on here, how do I find who their local distributors are here so I can buy the items from them instead?you can import from the
  • plz mention your exact requirement i.e 1:purpose why you need? 2:packing or bulk 3: Quantity 4:Quality 5:FOB or CFR 6:monthly yearly or one time all is important to know price Thanks Best Regards Mail me for further details Please send an email to ,so that we can
  • Hello! My name is Isabela, I work at RMJ Arquiteura, a project company based in Curitiba city, southern Brazil. We are contacting you to request a quote FOB price and terms of the following products: Magnet Popup display, 3*3, 30 units We would also like to know if you guys do the job in grap
  • i am a businessman hail from ghana and i need partners who want supply of gold, and gold concertions.ask from your Local banks they can help you in this regard
  • hi my name is kenan tahir, im lookng for suitable electronic equipment like used laptop/tablets or anything else that matters. i require an invitation from a person in china so that i can visit china and explore the market and eventually find the appropriate product that best suits the needs and cat
  • I am a one man business and would like to play a role mathcing buyers who wish to purchase with suppliers who wish to sell. Can I play any such role and how best can I make a success of it and how can I applyYou should First Find the Actuall Selle of any Product than start marketing online.if you hv
  • I have contacted him and he didn't send me any invoice corrected and I cannot do the customs and take the goods. Please tell me how to get an invoice? My order number is : 1103226934if you can give more detail then can advise you why? the supplier should help you on this. or, can you amend
  • what are vehicle titles and import dutys, and possible registration registration problems will i have when i start importing chinese vehicles to the USA? Dave nancysandham@yahoo.comyou should ask it from your custom department Please send an email to ,so that we can check t
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