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The origin of Torch Festival

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Experts answer:Yi: Yi Torch Torch Festival is the most fun people most solemn annual program. ; Torch Festival of Yi areas in the spread of a long history, legends more content for different regions and more specific. According to legend, the ancient sky DNT hereby (Yi fairy tale god) sent to the mortal Minions exorbitant taxes and levies received after the killing, revenge, mortal emit harmful pests to people, and the earthly people with no compromise in the Lunar New Year 6 24 day from the nearby torch burning with pests, overcome by God, so these days as the Yi people; Torch. Today's Liangshan Yi; Torch Festival, with the Liangshan economic development and social progress, in addition to retaining the traditional form and content of the festival, the opening has been and Liangshan, strengthening horizontal linkages, promote the exchange of goods closely linked, as; Torch Festival This traditional festival features added to new ideas with the times. Yi; Torch Festival of colorful activities, reflecting the strong ethnic and local characteristics. In the festival, tens of miles or even one hundred miles from the radius of the place came, gathered in a soft and thick green lawn at bullfighting, horse racing, cock fighting, fighting sheep, game songs, beauty, wrestling, dance competitions over the body celebrations. ; Fire festival night to conduct torch parade and bonfire party. During the festival, in Xichang, etc. The goods have to organize large-scale activities. Bull is the first major festival events. Bull is the winner fighting the winner, loser is eliminated. Bulls do not want to approach any child, it would be led into a positive cow estrus lure, so the two will have to be a result of Chen's bull; fighting against brain caused by jealousy. Large; Torch activities up to several hundred head bull, you can fight a few days, people feast for the eyes. Torch Festival of the race unique. Horse racing is to repair the lawn of a big round lap, so that participating riders turn on their horse, and rode close on the heels, and finally to catch up with opponents is the winner. Torch Festival of the only male wrestler, and wrestling with different methods dialect is different in some places to fall to the ground by his opponent who was defeated in some places Zeyi shoulder the winner hit the ground first. Torch songs are collectively referred to as; Duoluo He, and; Duoluo He is; Torch songs of which one, because it is full of charisma, the girls often put; Duoluo He wanted to sing one day as a prelude to the song . ; Torch songs, sung only by young women. Self; Torch Festival celebrations beginning, there will be several years old than 6 late whisper judge by little girls singing the shuttle in the middle, they are beautiful selection of self-organized group. As the old people's just and reasonable, respected, respected by young people. So, the old people's beauty standards of what is it? As with other ethnic groups across the country, sentimental beauty of his own aesthetic Yi family, which the United States, quietly hidden in the deep marine crab house lovestruck young man, faintly sweet sound conditions in Pholiota adiposa the following language. Torch Festival of the night was beautiful night, beautiful aerial fireworks and torches on the ground each other to form a colorful red-based paint. People of all the joy of harmony singing and dancing scenes, as Liu Yazi has the verse:; sleepless nights, brother and sister dance limp District Council, Toru sing songs round on children. Jin Yi Torch Festival is a grand tradition of weaving festival is divided into; large Torch and; small Torch two. Little Torch Festival of the lunar calendar of April 24, large Torch Festival of the lunar calendar on June 24. Size of the Torch Festival Day, the content of the same. Festival day, the Yi village in the household must be erected in front of a number of torches, ready to use activities. At the same time choose an open place near the village, erected in the center a long way from 10 to 20 meters of pine, pine covered the top of a red paper flowers placed horizontally in the sticks, around the edge of pine firewood piled into a flammable large pagoda-shaped torch, as the active sites. In the evening, the festival hosts led percussion drums, gongs and drums that Zhaizhong Getting out each lit a torch, a torch to the places of men and women together. People in attendance, the host gave orders, we torch with the torch and ran to the pagoda-shaped, its light. Momentary fires raging, cheers everywhere, we held a small torch around the big torch, jump; harvest dance, singing harvest songs, singing and dancing, passionate. Dance ended, families of people torch went to their Land, distributed at the torch procession has to be traveled to each edge of the field angle, as an expression of the eradication of pests, pray for good weather I wish to ensure good harvests, people Ding Pingan, domestic animals thrive wish. Zhijin Yi Torch Festival, with three pine Ping Town scene for large festivals, every year thousands of people to participate. Venues also ordered the monument stand, here describes the formation and continuation of Torch Festival. In recent years, with the economic and cultural life of our compatriots Yi level, the Torch Festival of the grand atmosphere year after year, the county work force of national culture to Torch for the material to train a harvest dance of the Yi Dance "bells sound of Harvest" participate in provincial, show received. June 24 from the Lunar New Year, the Naxi ancient regulatory-day by three days of the Torch to the point of the torch three nights. Elements of a column every day in front of the fire as thick and the large, all the stockade where the young people holding a long thin small torch, along the ridge, mountain, Life on a String, until late at night. The more prosperous the torch burning, the more auspicious, the more people happy. This grand festival is how come? According to legend, long, long time ago, the Jade Emperor in heaven unlucky fear rushed to the ground and ordered the day long closed door does not open. But soon, eighth floor day tour tired, tired of watching wonderland. One day he really wait any longer, decreed that day the door opened, to see how the world views in the end. Day the door opened, spring breeze, I saw human Guanghui, flowers contests, see the Jade Emperor fascinated, troubled Dunxiao. Jade Emperor looked fill the earth, and turned to see Temple, suddenly angry beard Deng Yanjing:; how my horoscope actually not as mortal, and this time? His mouth will be decreed, red-faced deity called burn all the earth. Red-faced god of fire palm Lingzhi, the clouds came And bore. He did not immediately set on fire, the first visit about it, see the thriving scene of earthly and heavenly life immeasurably. Charge of the fire god fell in love with the mortal world, he could not bear to burn this beautiful earth, could not bear to destroy good people. Although he knew the Jade Emperor's will be a violation of impending massacre, but he wanted to avoid the evil good, and would rather sacrifice their own and can not perform the Jade Emperor's will. Some idea, he returned to heaven, the Jade Emperor lied:; world has been burnt to ashes. Jade Emperor was so pleased:; Haha, now my world is far better than the temple. After a long time, the Jade Emperor and bored up, he wanted to see the burnt earth. He also accompanied the Xianji down to the days of our front, but a look, he almost went mad. World has not been burned, but more prosperity and happiness of the. He knows that red-faced against the will of the gods, huff, told about the charge of the fire god gods tied up to launch to execute him. Charge of the fire god killed, a drop of blood spattered out of the heavens door, fell to earth, dropping the foot of the village in the mountains next to a temple. There was a monk saw this drop of blood to carefully wrap it with a red cloth up, put in the temple. June 24 evening, people just call it a day back to the fields, suddenly ran out from the temple, a small doll, and stopped people cried:; arbitrary cruelty of the Jade Emperor jealous of the beautiful world tonight, to send down the Creation of Space burned mortal. You put up in front of a fire, the three consecutive points at the point the more prosperous the better. This hidden from the Jade Emperor with a fake fire, he and Creation of Space has been burning to see the world, and would not be down to earth to make trouble out. This little doll is the palm of effort into the fire god. Kind-hearted people believed him, to follow his methods, to have a fire, all ages Wu Qi torch for three days and three nights, fires raging. Jade Emperor looked at three nights and saw a sea of fire world, rest assured it went back to Temple. It finally escaped a disaster. People in order to commemorate the event, said the fire god of fortune respect to June 24 of each tie will torch ignition to. Over time, it becomes now the Torch Festival. Torch in ancient times was known as the "Star back to the Festival", vulgar; star back in the days of the New Year's Eve, said. Torch Festival of the origin of the legend varies: a struggle that the gods and to God, people with torches to help to overcome the angels of God pest control; one that comes from "Nanzhao unofficial" and Teachers "Yunnan", these two books contain: Nanzhao leader Shapiro House was attempting to swallow another five Chao, Chao will be five in the torch burning building and killing, Deng Dan Chao husband wife admonished not to the charity, not to her husband killed, the city closed Charity death Dian Yi Shi hanging at the burning torch. Torch Festival of the Yi, Bai, Naxi, Lahu, Hani, Pumi and other ethnic festivals. Yi, Naxi, Jino held June 24 in the lunar calendar, Bai held on June 25, Lahu, held in June 20, feast of the two or three days. Torch Festival of Yi people that had the ears of corn to grow as thick as the torch. Posterity as scarifical fire drive home Tanaka evil spirits in order to protect human and animal safety. During the festival, young men and women of all ethnic groups, or lit torches made of pine, to the village field activities, walking and thrown into the rosin torches according to days of prayer, in addition to seeking Kyrgyzstan offensive; or singing, dancing, horse racing, bullfighting, wrestling; or grand The bonfire party, night out. Today, people also used the machine assembly gathered to socialize and meet or lover, and to carry out business activities in the festival. "Torch Festival" is also a grand festival of the Bai, June 25 lunar calendar every year, I wish the bumper harvest will hold the Bai people, the activities of humans and animals thrive. That night, each with a torch in front of all stood a pillar, entrance to the village public fire red and green paper on the interpolation flag, writing a number of auspicious statement, the villagers will hold high the torch procession in the field the week, caught off pests. There are also "Raosanling", "playing the sea would", boating, releasing a series of cultural activities.
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