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So and so who? ? ? Know about the West's article? ? ?

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Experts answer:The writing of poetry about the West Lake: "Spring Lake Qiantang line" (Bai Tang) "Memory of Jiangnan" (Bai Tang), "West Lake" (Song Ouyang Xiu) "knows the Jingci send the woods side" (Song Yang Wanli) article: " Travels West Half articles "(Modern Feng)" Lake of the June 18th Night "(Modern by Yu)," West Lake whereabouts of a wanderer "(Modern Xu Min)" Dream West "(Modern Yu )++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Here is poetry: Spring Lake Qiantang line [ Tang] Bai Trade Pavilion West North Temple, Gushan, the water feet first low-level clouds. Orioles fight back a few warm-tree, pecking Chunni Yan someone new? Squandering many fans eyes, can not horseshoe Asakusa. Lack of love eastbound Lake, Green Yang Yang in the white sand embankment. After drinking the rain on the lake early Qing [Song] Sushi glittering eyes Shuiguang good side, the rain kept empty mountains are strange. For the West than the West, wiping thick makeup total affordable. Lei Feng Sunset [yuan] Yin-ting high performances pale smoke Guangshan money, thousands of feet Budo Wu lean empty. Yu Jin Hua Chuan go on the lake, Koho Youdai sunset red. Su Di Chun Xiao [Ming] Yang Zhou vista just spring, heavy fog lifted points Sandy Lake. Where to close the eyes Huang smoke break, I heard Sir Georg Solti had sings dawn. Quyuanfenghe [Ming] Wang Ying Qu hospital pillow Liantang since ancient times, the wind had hesitated brewing incense. Limbo fairy statue was drunk, Kam Sang scattered scared of new cool. Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds [clear] Chen Mi North-South high-plug peak days, the relative is not connected to the two peaks. Over-night to the new Yuhu, a crazy cloud lock bicuspid. Pavilion [clear] Qing Yu Xu Chengzu hundred times not to be also, orphaned Pavilion Fortunately Shuiyun. Stop \u00C0 surrounded by empty out, the side of the mountain city of the first three sides. Zhang Ting Tang and Yan Wang Qiantang tide for [Don] Haoran Barry heard Lei Chen, Ming-string temporary cease playing. Fuchu even ride out to be tidal river view. According to Japan through the autumn air, floating-day party BZ solution. Jingtao to like snow, a cold raw cold. Pinghuqiuyue [Song] SUN Rui condensate does not flow on cold Cold Spring, where the pan-owned boat Boating Song. White Ping Polygonum west, the same color boundless expanse of lake in autumn. Yongjin Men see Liu [yuan] Liu Gong outside of the Yongjin Men such as gold, three days do not come into the greenery. Fold into the city to take a technology, has been teaching people to know the spring deep. Nan Ping Wan Zhong [tomorrow] Wanda Green impaired Muyan Yuping just fly off to the temple bell Cuiwei. Crane shock path earnest dream, mountain by go back buckle Chaifei. Night Pan Lake [tomorrow] Si Dong Moon Lake Boating Zhang Yi, Qianshan halo Bi Qiu Yan Micro. I do not know places two more birds, but also on the flight to the Lake Pavilion look. Huagangguanyu [clear] Yang Xin-Hong Xu Chengzu Water Pik is true, to make the best Luyuan Jing Hui Qiu. Thing that strikes you on the fish in the music, I also forgot to local music like fish. Willow Lake words [Ching] brush Tian Shu short long short causeway, there oriole just sing. Jade Tibetan raw silk screen not smoke, I heard the sound in the picture west.
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