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Shanxi Jincheng: science and technology innovation led economic development in support of a brilliant future

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Experts answer:In recent years, scientific and technological work in Shanxi Jincheng municipal government under the correct leadership, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, adhere to the "independent innovation, focusing on cross, supporting development, to lead the future" development approach, technology demonstration and full leading role in accelerating scientific and technological achievements, expand scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation, out of a suit local the actual scientific and technological progress and innovation, restructuring and development for the city, security and harmonious development provides a strong scientific and technological support. 2007, 2008, for two consecutive years, economic and social development in Shanxi Province appraisal index system, the economic and social development index ranked first in the province, which ranks second in the province science and technology index. Policies and measures in place, work a steady technological progress Xingshi. In recent years, Jincheng City to promote technological innovation as a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development of important initiatives, technology has made remarkable achievements. Since 1999, 8 consecutive years (fourth) won the "National Advanced City in scientific and technological progress," the title; under the jurisdiction of city, Zezhou, Cao Bang, Yangcheng has become the "science and technology advanced counties (cities, districts)," Ze counties are classified as the province's first comprehensive national sustainable development pilot zone; the city's emergence on the national exemption product 5, the iconic brand 3 Shanxi, Shanxi and national brand-name products 24 products 1 protection of geographical indications, technology Progress on the city's economic growth rate reached 46.8%. In strengthening science and technology management, the Jincheng municipal government has issued a series of policy documents, such as "on accelerating technological progress and innovation decisions," "on the strengthening of foreign scientific and technological cooperation and exchange views on the implementation," "on Further Strengthening Rural the implementation of science and technology advice service system "," to encourage and promote technological innovation and the implementation of the opinions ". These policy measures are economic and social development of the city's actual formulated after careful research, with strong guidance and operational, the city has effectively promoted the development of science and technology. Through human resource strategies in the implementation of, and actively formulate preferential policies to create a relaxed environment. Has issued a "Jincheng Rural Comfortable Talents in project implementation," the "contingent on the construction of rural science and technology correspondent opinions". According to statistics, nearly two years, attracted a total of Jincheng City high, intermediate and more than 500 professional and technical personnel, more than 230 imported technology. Formation of a new Jincheng Vocational and Technical College, the establishment of closer economic ties with the Jincheng related professional personnel training for local businesses each year more than 1,500 people. Jincheng Institute of Taiyuan University of Technology also is well in the building, the construction of the project and the province for Jincheng coal chemical industrial base construction and new talent and provide strong scientific support. Increase spending on science and technology contribution to economic growth has improved significantly. Jincheng full play to market mechanism, initially formed to guide government investment, business investment as the main financial institutions, backed by multi-channel and diversified investment and financing system. In 2007, the city level R & D funding of 21.75 million yuan, a total of 105 projects to support, guide and encourage social resources on science and technology innovation activities in a total investment of 1.6 billion; 2008, the city level to reach 27.97 million yuan R & D costs A total of 72 support the project, to guide and encourage social resources on science and technology innovation activities in a total investment of 1.15 billion yuan, the projects production and deliver effective annual output up to 24 million yuan, annual profits and taxes of up to 3 million. Projects implementation of the strategy, a strong impetus to Jincheng technology and sustainable economic and social development, economic growth, technological progress in the city's contribution rate to 46.8%. First, give full play to the guiding role of the government. Issued "to encourage and promote technological innovation and implementation," and "vigorous implementation of brand strategy on the efforts to promote new energy and coal chemical industry base view" to strengthen the supervision and evaluation of scientific and technological innovation system. On the one hand improve the evaluation mechanism and technological achievements, the establishment of Science and Technology Progress Award and the Jincheng Jincheng Technology Innovation Award; the other hand, improvement and innovation through the joint conference system for banks and enterprises to ease the science and technology enterprises, especially small and medium sized technology enterprises financing difficulties . Meanwhile, around the efficient development and utilization of resources, recycling economy, ecological protection and other key areas and coal chemicals, coal bed gas, metallurgy, polyandrum textiles, new materials, agricultural processing and other key industries, science and technology research. Second, give full play the main role. To establish universities, research institutions and technology alliances between enterprises, research through cooperation and the introduction, digestion, absorption, quickly grasp the coal chemical industry, coal-based synthetic oil, coal bed methane development, high profile casting and other aspects of key technologies. 2007, 2008, the company funds for R & D totaled 1.78 billion yuan; scale enterprises in R & D expenditure in the year accounted for more than 2% of sales revenue, which accounted for 5% of high-tech enterprises. Third, give full play to the leading enterprises of the demonstration effect. In recent years, Jincheng, through investment, attracting Foxconn, CNOOC Group, Sinochem Corporation settled a number of scientific and technological innovation-oriented enterprises, these enterprises have brought modern management experience on the one hand and the world's leading advanced technology, on the other hand play Innovation Resources and demonstration effect, transform and elevate the Jincheng coal, metallurgy, textile, building materials, electricity and other traditional industries, fostering the growth of the coal chemical industry, coal bed methane, agricultural products processing and other new industries, and enhance scientific and technological innovation capability of Jincheng . Support the development of the project, the continued strengthening of independent innovation capability. In recent years, mainly from Jincheng capital, management, and information to support Jincheng polyandrum, chemicals, machinery, building materials, foundry, pharmaceutical and other 15 key industries and enterprises to establish a technology center or research and development centers have sprung up in Shanxi Oasis Textile Co., Ltd., Little hundreds of Shanxi Jincheng Fuji New Materials Co., Ltd., 10 high-tech enterprises, improve the skill level of key industries in Jincheng City. Currently, the city organization and implementation of various types of industrial science and technology projects 375, listed in National Torch Project 14, 56 provincial-level torch project, 63 provincial-level scientific and technological projects. The city has identified 17 provincial-level high-tech enterprises and 46 private technology enterprises, 245 enterprises above designated size, state-level enterprise technical centers a provincial engineering technology research center 1, provincial enterprise technology center 5, the City Engineering Research Center Level 1, 13 municipal enterprise technological centers, while more than 85% of the enterprises to establish R & D institutions or places of science and technology. In 2008, the city completed 227 patent applications, exceeding the Provincial Science and Technology issued the beginning of the target 145. 10 patent applications per million people to 10.3, compared with 144 the year 2007, an increase of 83. Improve the service system, the level of agricultural technology industry increased gradually. Jincheng adhere to the scientific and technological progress as the economic structure adjustment of industrial structure, especially the major boost power, and continuously enhance the rural science and technology innovation. Developed a "speed up the rural views of science and technology service system", summary of traditional Chinese medicine to promote the Lingchuan Association, Qinshui beekeeping associations, associations of Jincheng sericulture technology services in rural areas the typical experience, a sound and comprehensive technological service system in rural areas of the city, to the the end of 2008, the city's Commissioner of Rural Science and Technology to 1125, of which 90% the proportion of University Student Village. June 5 this year, held a national work conference on Science and Technology Special Action and Rural Technology Innovation launching ceremony, Jincheng City Commissioner of Rural Coordination Leading Group Office of Science and Technology won the "Commissioner of the National Science and Technology Advanced Group," Yang Zhengguang who won the other 5 "outstanding science and technology correspondent," the honorary title. Currently, the city advanced and practical agricultural technology more than 90% coverage, coverage of improved varieties of agriculture 93%, as the city lay a solid foundation of new rural construction. Nurturing and building a model village demonstration zone, field, more than 840 households, focusing on the quality Zezhou 45 acres of wheat, 10 million mu of mulberry Yangcheng, Qinshui 30 million sheep, 20 million mu Lingchuan herbs, Cao Bang 50 million pigs, pollution-free vegetables and other urban features 5 acres of agricultural projects, to promote agricultural efficiency and increase yield large income of the farmers provide an effective technology services. Integration of superior resources, science and technology information network platform has improved steadily. Speed up the "one library, two networks," the pace of building. "A library" that projects database, establishment of expert database, pool, private high-tech enterprise library, libraries, and shared R & D facilities of large equipment, library equipment, to form a reflection of the city's projects, technological achievements, science and technology of the synthesis of information base. "Two Networks" that science and technology information network and the Jincheng Jincheng online, Rural Jincheng, Jincheng business networks, information network productivity Jincheng, Jincheng science network of technology-based collaborative network. Implementation of science and technology promotion "111 Project." And the "Taihang Daily", offer a "Jincheng Technology" magazine, the monthly issue of a; and the Urban Radio, offer a "Jincheng technology" special live shows, each week one; and the City TV stations, offer a "Jincheng technology" section, broadcast once a day, the opening sections of these technologies to create a good atmosphere promote scientific and technological work, make technology work from the back to the front, from the organs into the world, from management to service, enhance the transparency of scientific and technological work and influence. Work to strengthen science, technology growing awareness of the whole society. Through the "96236" voice information services demonstration project, Science and Technology Week, organized by scientific and technological seminars and other activities, grassroots cadres and the masses actively provide technology policies and regulations, science and technology information, and in research, new technology and other technology services and enhance their awareness of science and technology and legal awareness. Currently, the city's 84 towns (offices) with Science and Technology Deputy township (town) long and agricultural extension services, more than 2,000 villages are mostly built with village committee, village agricultural groups and deputy director of science and technology, science and technology demonstration households reached 17300, science and technology sensible to 80,000 people. In general, scientific and technological work in recent years is the development of Jincheng City one of the best, the municipal government's emphasis on science and technology work increased to unprecedented levels, the city's scientific and technological work has shown vitality. In the future, they will be the future, make persistent efforts to fully optimize the science and technology environment, enhancing the city's technological innovation capability and overall scientific and technological strength, continue to maintain "national science and technology advanced city" title, as soon as possible to promote the Jincheng into the "national model city of science and technology," the ranks of Jincheng economic and social transformation for the development, security and harmonious development and make greater contribution to the positive! (Ai snow)
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