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Seeking Ministry of Finance has hui fly high

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Users questions:Seeking Ministry of Finance has hui fly high that "Digimon 01" of the Taiwanese version of the theme song. Currently Hotan "butterfly" in Chinese translation of the full articles referenced "fly high" lyrics music format is not allowed to open mid Ekin Cheng Cantonese than the "automatic win" and and Tianguang Division "butterfly"
Experts answer:Butterfly helpless Oh, Subway is a maze, although the wings and fly, fly high, but can not find the exit. Someday, if one day I met you, remembering, remembering, I'll be here ah! The meaning of happiness lies in your heart about the "number", but because the pursuit of too much, we lost. Hey! The next cycle of days will slowly change. Approximate anxiously dream weaving is called "cloud of the line." Fly high if you hurry, it will fly to the sun! Beautiful melting, also faces with a smile. Anyway I do not know when, with all farewell, That's good, That's good, I met you. Far away, even if separated by thousands of miles, I still pray for happiness. If not passed, if not pass, I'll write a song to you! Meaning of life, must be understood at the time of death. But we are helpless with, it was too late. Hey! You can change the reality of the collapse, right? Even if changed, you still maintain your original mind yourself! You Heartbreakers shouted, fell in early spring in March, do not hesitate like, in the weak sun. The next cycle of days will slowly change. Approximation is called dream anxiety intertwined "cloud of the line." Fly high if you hurry, it will fly to the sun! Beautiful melting, also faces with a smile.
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