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  • Looking to buy from BRV Suppliers, however quite cautious. Anyfeedback would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.Has anyone received anything from this supplier? bsoftfor some reason that other link I gave you was not working??? try this one.
  • We seem to be having trouble with AndyTechindo, we sent him a 10% deposit on some Sun equipment and we have nothing to show for it. Feels like we're being scammed, anybody have any past dealings ?? Let me know...ThanksFor all of you that got scamed. and for people that like to check the legitima
  • Hi allDid anyone deal with pro-tech systems. They have a warehouse in hong kong and a london office in the UKI'm looking forward to working with them!Thank youjonathan miller keeps bothering me. anybody know him? Well the guy tried to sell me some PSP's, he supposedly specialized in them, bu
  • hiif you know where is possible to have many information about company based in UK please give me adress i deal with THS GLOBAL who pass by express global shipping but i don't know if is the serious or no .PLEASE HELP MEAttention Express global shipping are swindlers from Romania. They offer exp
  • Hello,   I'd like to know if anyone has any history though TFForge Inc.? Or if you have any information on them, please reapond, or email: Drew_w@shaw.caThankyou;-AndrewNo, but I am considering purchasing some Xbox 360s off them. Let me know if you decide to use them and if they are a
  • We have contacted a company called Cyber Electronics for buying of TV set`s. And they request a Western Union payment thru a freight company called Daewoo Platform. This company can be visited on We only wondered if anybody had heard anything about this company and if i
  • I was wondering if these emails i get for agents claiming to represent a commission that wants to award a contract for a product is a scam?  please leave adviceWhere are they from? If Nigeria YES! Replying to [jeremycunnings]:most of them are scam!DON'T TRUST THEM!BE CAREFUL! Replying to [j
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