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  • How to Verify Safety buyer: This web site always discuss about safe supplier but not about safe buyer. I do receive few responses about potential Iron ore buyers but most of the people represent China based companies, The Message IP address shows different countries, The contact info different c
  • Im from malaysia. Dealing with herbs products. Can anybody tell me which in alibaba listed are true company to deal with? thanks.Expert
    Recommended Hi Friend, actually no one can guarantee you 100% safety trade in B2B, for small importer, its cost so much to investigate purchasing market, too dif
  • This company is a Scam. An agreement was made to pay half for a TV then the other half when the TV arrived and had been tested. Instead, I received an email from WORLD XPRESS LOGISTICS/COURIER SERVICES LTD. stating the following " Your shipment have arrived your delivery location and ready fo
  • Good afternoon! On December, 20th I have made 2 orders at the supplier (Order Number:1001134571 Order Date:05 Dec 2010 23:21 and Order Number:1001134572 Order Date:05 Dec 2010 23:21), have passed 31 day and the order have passed in a condition "Order Complete.". The supplier hasn'
  • Verifying seller
  • Dear Sirs, On December 31, 2010, we made a payment of $ 250 to Shanghai Huaye Investment Management Co., Ltd and after we refused to receive the transfer, we have a bank receipt that the money is in your account from day 1 February 2011. After sending numerous e-mails, we have not received any re
  • I want to get supplies from this company but there are no feedbacks on their alibaba website. Can someone tell me their experience with this company? Million Thanks. :)I advise you to change to another one.There are so many suppliers in China.For the safety,you'd better make a change.God 
  • How can I check out a supplier am looking at a site with a Tractor for sale but the address does not match the post code in England I have sent an e-mail but no ansewerIt Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers here. How can you do business successfully b
  • To move forward with this case... To move forward with this case, the supplier needs to provide us with the official document that can prove the goods have been delivered to the buyer within 20 days. Sincerely, Davie AliExpress Dispute Team Company Name........Yasonic Electronic Limited Payment
  • The people that make Necklace - Bracelet , must purchase these Chains by rolls and cut the chain as long that they need to that work ,and at the same time the compagny that sells the parts to put at eacth end to lock the bracelet - and Necklaces- loose THANK you very much VITAL"Andy Ye"
  • can somebody verify magic mushroom dreams candle company, new company opening in San Antonio, Texas. owner located in Roy, Utah about to make transaction please somebody verify. thanks!yES , I CAN aNSWER YOUR ? . Company will be opening up  in April 2011 , at 18911 Redland Rd. ,San Antonio,T
  • anyone knows this company ? They have very low prices, top quality materials, but who bought from them something?Asker
    Recommended its a free number. they sall brand Shimano of cause the components are good quality if the vendor are ture. but in frankly, Shimano is not cheap across the world
  • is a legitimate business or a fraud"Andy Ye" used to be a cheap scammer and pretends to be different roles. referred link: Hi Friend, actually no one can guarant
  • how can i point out some cheating company on alibaba, and then let other know that company? we buyers want to make a space to inform this kind company on alibaba. 4f other buyers and sellers can not be cheated anymore.I Agree with you, but it will be a big list, with new names everyday! I just dont
  • hi to all.. i wanna know if TRADEBODE.EN is a legit supplier of Karen millen dresses?? thanks"Andy Ye" used to be a cheap scammer and pretends to be different roles. referred link:
  • we want to sell aquaculture feed supplements and chemicals used for fish,prwan and shrimp culture"Andy Ye" used to be a cheap scammer and pretends to be different roles. referred link:
  • IS ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT CIPTA JAYA COMPANY, ITS A CYCLING SHOP. I LKE TO KNOW IF IT IS A GENUINE COMPANY. ITS LOCATED IN BANDUNG -JAWA BARAT- INDONESIA"Andy Ye" used to be a cheap scammer and pretends to be different roles. referred link:
  • I found a product I wanted from a specific company on alibaba.I talk to the company on the telephone to them through trade manager. I sent the money through western union and they were supposed to send me a diplomatic parcel with my stuff in it . They said package was held do to no refund
  • Please provide your company profile to enable us discuss business relations for the future.ALL FOR FREE INQUIRY 1 iphone 4 who sell on 50usd,it must be scammer,fraud. 2 who supply name brand electronics,such as brand laptops,and very very low must be scammer or replicas. if you want
  • Dear Sir/Madam, Please kindly share your experience with me, If anyone done business with Nanchang Howard Technology Co., Ltd., please kinldy tell me wether I can trust them or not? Here is their details: Company Name: Nanchang Howard Technology Co., Ltd. Street Address: Hi-tech economic
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