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  • difficult to say yes, because many scammers come back after its previous scam:what can we do if we cet to catch scammer?? can we get our money back?? i just been scam for USD1300 and my wife USD1100 total of USD2400 that make of 6 month of my salary and a year of our saving
  • is BOK Gift Co., Ltd. & Shanghai Lipin Industrial Co., Ltd. are real supplier? as they supply the same product as Shanghai Haonajie Precision Machinery Factory the recently scam me with USD3500Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many scammers, but
  • Dear All buyers, If any one intended to deal with Pefetech Technology Ltd, cheated by them or in negotiations with them it is important for you to know they are scammers, not only this, but they are not like others, they are professional scammers, stay away of them, report them if you paid any or g
  • Here is the guy who acts as a manager of 4, even more, different companies, is he a scammer?
  • i am new to this site and i wil like to know how to effectively use this site, i sell agricultural product like banana, cassava, ginger, kolanut, sesame seed amongst other and would like to know how to contact genuine buyers wo will be interested in buying from me. i live in nigeria and there are lo
  • Dear Sir we are importer and distributor of wood machinery. we need edge bander machine in Good quality from Turkey. who can help us? Best regards, Fatima
  • Please contact to us.
  • We have imported materials from China, but on receipt we found that none of the the materials were not as per order agreed on.The company is not responding and they cheated us.Can you please advise on how o proceed.Exporter: FS-PATE, China We are asking to refund the balance amount they have recive
  • Returns Policy urgent complaints Taobao has 7 days to how to deal with not result?Your complaint is just wrong ~ ~ ~ ~ complaints and refunds are not related! You are now a prerequisite to a refund is up to now have not paid your money, so you just press a refund on it (usually keep the invoice to g
  • The post office called Beijing Xibei Wang who knows?Name: Xibei Wang Post Office Zip Code: 100094 Board type: post offices address: Haidian District, Xibei Wang Fu caijiayao 36 Post Office Tel: 62895018 Opening hours 9:00-17:30 sat under the special 6 Xibei Wang. Good luck! !
  • Few minutes ago I poseted that Anhui Ruida Nets Industry Co., Ltd. are fake, below is my chat records with them, they are not so professional ones, so I used my full information, they are so stupid to know the truth. Please read the chat below in my answer>>>>Mustafa Omer: Hi Polly (20
  • Hi i payed by western union for sandisk 32gb and hd 1tb to Jerry Lau Shanghai Huiyang Marine Machinery Co., Limited but i not receved the package i can't contact jarry lau at it was a goldsupplier please help me!!! Alessio De PaolisDear Mr. ALESSIO DE PAOLIS, Thanks for alerting us to yo
  • Can I buy more with escrowCan I buy more with escrow of course ,u can
  • Dear All, Please note that Anhui Ruida Nets Industry Co., Ltd. are petty scammers, never deal with them. If any one made payment for them report them before it is too late More information about them in my answer below>>>> Thanks.Asker
    Recommended FYI: Anhui Ruida Nets Industry C
  • plz tell me dtbk factory is trusted one r notExpert
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    Recommended 1. Supplier was not found on alibaba. 2. Specific supplier information such as website,address,phone number etc is helpful for us to verify the supplier.
  • If you guys want to deal with them, please don't, they are really scammer, they don't have any proofs for trust, yesterday when i asks about the pictures of DSi XL console, they told me waiting for 3 hours, and today i still not received anything, i send message to them, but no respond and t
  • Yiwu City Aijia Toy Firm is an honest company. I have been to the company. I given them 4 orders about balloons, mini displays and laptops.Danny D P Xiang is fake. Expert
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    Recommended 1. It's a first year gold supplier 2. Supplier website was not found except for the
  • i buy a original motorola 26/11/2010. but Goods did not match description I received the phone but there are problems This telephone is not original!!!! there are big problems with the battery keyboard and screen 8 hours = full battery autonomy!!!! Reminder: AliExpress is c
  • I was to receive several Telescopes from Teleor Store after making a payment of $1360 USD. The payment had to be wired because they DID NOT take Paypal or Charge card. After making the payment they have not answered any emails and their phone number does not work. EVERYONE SHOULD AVOID THESE NAM
  • Hello everybody! I would like to share my happiness, I am more of a body fat, it has been very upset, very upset about it every day, but by the time I hurt, I hope there, I saw the weight-loss products (anpan LTD), like effect is good, so I inadvertently ordered two months after the body has really