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    Recommended Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many scammers, but how can we stop
  • I,m just Cheated with Silvercord( $9000, Why GOLD SUPpLIER and AV CHECK can do it? this action is very ridiculous which 100% trusted with Gold supplier but the fact said no. Somebody help me please ----------------------------------------- Dear Ms. andrea handoko, We are c
  • 315 complaint phone number?12315
  • 44-704-5765938 searching this No by google then you can see a cheater in alibabathank you !!! i will notice
  • I have discussed with him for getting an offer 130usd for a Samgsung i9000 including the shippment. So I was sent 130usd for a Samgsung i9000. When i sent the money to this company. He said i need to send another 120usd for the UK custom. And said if i don't send the another 120usd, he will not
  • has anyone ordered and received any goods from the company sw beauties indutries,just want to find out if they are a reputable company before i do business with them.
  • Can i get any feed back on a company Shanghai Jinyu Printing Equipment Ltd. anyone had any good or bad deals with them thank youScammers yeah a serious scammer just hope no-one sent him money check this link 1. It's a first year gold
  • Warranty card written in Englishcfaev
  • May I bleive this suppliyer or trade manager ?They Ask to pay via Western union money transfer. i hope you'll give a best answer for me.another thing is I given alibaba thier link is redirecting to your home page.tell me about this also. http://ww
  • As a result of correspondence with the seller he has told to me that it has two certificates on business management and that only the present sellers have these two certificates. It is possible to ask to check up you this seller? Shanghai Jinyu Printing Equipment Ltd.Expert
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  • M-Zone in Beijing now buy any discount prepaid card thing?Buy cheap at about 30 schools will be able to buy 100 ---- ask you and me, the construction depends on everybody. Please pay attention to ask the knowledge of the Olympic Games
  • Price of access to credit by 20 per coupon, is how to use ah TaobaoAlways be with you Oh I wish you happy every day.
  • Is this Company real, and has anyone done any deals with them, please verify.. Only specific ways of , no escrow.. Can someone please verify if legit and if so do they honor their warranty and sales... here is inof please verify. and
  • I will continue my chat with this supplier here, cause it is not short. the rest in my answer below>>>>Asker
    Recommended Me (11:10:04 PM): can yo use dhl for me? Makio Xu cn220229722 (11:10:47 PM): i am afraid not ,we hav
  • This is not a question, but an advise: DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM WWW.KOOMUL.COM : they are the same people of, they are swindlers. Thay take your money and disappear, change the name of website with another one (but same website under the new name). They offer Elec
  • Few minutes ago I posted that MAC TRADE CO LTD are not real suppliers, please read my chat with those scammers below in my anser>>>>>Blackmailers!!!!! I am manager from MAC Trade CO,. LTD,I have checked a lot on this forum,Now i am real angry, I have to clarificate some blackmailers&
  • Dear friends, Be aware this supplier MAC TRADE CO LTD is totally fake, never deal with them If any one paid for them you should report them now before it is too late. If any one in negotiations with them you shoud stop it right now. More inforamation about this scammers below in my answer. Than
  • What stocks earn money now playingPolitical teachers can not make money .. say ah! Add my Q, I explain to you the next Ha!
  • Who knows hotline Huadu District Cable TVHit 114 Advisory
  • Is this comapy are ok ? i saw they are 2 years gold suppiler and they Factory Audit Reports.. are they good comapny ? thanks in advance yair.Expert
    Recommended 1. The supplier is engaged in diverse goods. 2. The supplier website showed on alibaba can not be visited