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  • Bought an item using Wire transfer. the company aknowledged they recieved payment and gave me a tracking # that seemed legit. Its been two weeks since and i cant find the company on alibaby no more. the tracking number indicates "departure from outward office of exchange" ??? any suggestio
  • Curious to know if he is real or fake trader... Some of his pricing seems pretty good, maybe a little too good...... ANy experiences or recommendations before handing over cash? what payment method is best. Very much a newbie to this site so any help would be apprecaited. Thankshi,  
  • this is a Gold Supplier called "MAC TRADE CO LTD ", please read the conversation that I have with them and you are the Judge: 630/12/2010 Yun Mei Luo (2010-12-30 02:03:12): Now we can promise our iphone is original Factory sealed unlocked Ahmed Elkhatib (2010-12-30 02:04:46): i w
  • Are that company safe? Can I order from them or they scammer?Do you find any not safe term for proceed business? I think you can share more details, then everybody gives a dot the opinion! If this company is legitimate they would not be too hard to trace through google, US yellow pages and company
  • Is this company legit? Wanting to buy large orders of cellular parts from this company. Number for Certificate of Incorporation is : 1211379I would stronly suggest before placing big order do a sample order with the company so yo can see the quality of the item you wish to import.
  • I just had my husband David join alibaba's so we can become wholesaler buyers and run our own business as we are both retired and want to do weekend flea markets and other events. I am a crafter and make alot of NFL Items, and biker stuff and my husband was interested in the prices. Please l
  • I'll take TV from this company. Payment t / t, I will. Do these companies do pay. Is it safe? I waiting your answer. thanks mehtapYou are better of purchasing brand name items such as tv's from your own country where you are guaranteed to get the goods and the warranty.  By the way,
  • Does anyone knows this company? I would like to order with them, but am scared about all those scammed stories. To me they look OK.Expert
    Recommended 1. The supplier website showed on alibaba can not be visited at my side 2. Try to call the supplier and obtain supplier in
  • I am looking for a transportation marine company to transport aggregate in bulk. please help
    Recommended Report your case to claim your re
  • How to purchase safely??? First, find 3plus suppliers reasonable. Devil price can be available in China, especially new products, e.g. led lights, solar lights, or any other hot things. China factories can give devil price that you even can not imagine. Devil price looks good, but work bad. Luck
  • Attention all companies which Indonesian are members free the are scammers
  • Dose any one know a trust worthy company to buy from or company that will take paypal. Im after a bike pinnarello 60.1 Di2 model. I get all kind of prices but no one will take paypal. Thanyou RobertExpert
    Recommended Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are
  • Hi guys .. You are the criminals who spread the good name of the company ArdiraSport. Because, I've received my order goods from companies ArdiraSport. So, I'm sure you are a villain ...!!! Ough...?? You already to spread the good name for the company ArdiraSport. If we can know which
  • I will be filing a fraud complaint against the company named above. When I search for this company in your search box, they do not appear. However, they do appear when I search for Samsung LCD TV's. Can you tell me if this company has any complaints against them?i had given a business proposal t
  • I have started put an enquiry in the Alibaba for the product 300mm f/2.8L and got a reply from Koeki. They also sent a performa invoice having a account holder name. Now the company is saying that person is not from their company. Please help me to get my money back
  • Hi Sir, We had bought meat from one india company from bangalore by paying advance 50%, but they can't ship as contracted terms and took one month to ship out, but they can ship only 2 containers, but we paid them 3 container 50% adv, anyway, when I made the final payment by contra the a/c , as
  • Can you tell me is this company is a Fraud. CV. CIPTA ABIJAYA. They deal in bikes and have very reasonable pricing.Expert
    Recommended Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many scammers, but how can we stop us from being scammed? It can become true if you
  • And what can i use these cupons for?What is the meaning of Cupons?