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  • How do I make a complaint about one of your suppliers after being told that the website he was using had been stolen. He was registerered as a gold supplier By the name of Paul law. I completed a transaction transferring money to an account given by him, before learning of this. I do not have order
  • We remitted the Money by Bank transfer to an existing Electrical company in Wenzhou,they have not sent the Parts, How can we get the Money Back from them.Dear Mr. Abid Ali, Thanks for alerting us to your complaint. Carol from the Online Security Department has been assigned to look into
  • Hello, I just got it today . The product worked for 5 minutes only. I confirmed the delivery of this product, and left a very poor feedback. But how can I get a refund now?you can open the dispute in paypal.. and contact the seller. thanks. First,
  • DON'T ever send money to Cameroon. I asked for samples, they asked 50 euros for the shipment of a tiny box. I said "fair enough" and did it, now they're asking 100 more. I won't pay them again, and they said very bad words and told me to forget about my money AND product..!!Dea
  • I went search product "wine bottle umbrella" on Alibaba website, I found "China Direct Exports Inc", so I contacted the company by emails, I ordered 50 pcs of umbrellas, and sent USD270.00 to their bank according to their bank detail. They keep replied they didn't receive ou
  • someone want to cheat me , then he can receive products without any pay of money , but i am sorry , he is too stuipedAsker
    Recommended HI, alex please learn to write english as well then proceed to compained with out hesitation
  • Why isn't the above supplier not on the blackball list.? I have been scammed for more than a $1000.00 and there are not blackballed by alibaba. I have heard that many prople have been scammed by them but they are still doing business. What's going on here? Is alibaba in bed with them? You w
  • I don't see the above supplier on the supplier black ball list. They scammed over a $1000.00 from me and they have dissapeared from the supplierlist but not on the blackball list. I heard nothing but bad things about this company but Alibaba doesn't do anything ABOUT IT. yOU WANDER WHAT IS G
  • 1 iphone 4 who sell on 50usd,it must be scammer,fraud. 2 who supply name brand electronics,such as brand laptops,and very very low must be scammer or replicas. if you want more info,pls dont hesitate to contact with me. MSN:andyyes1986@live.cnhow can i void a scamer and how i know HHAH
  • Vows to be sterling and is only fake and engraved as sterling and is not I tried to wait to say I had or not recieved so I could get tested and Some one entered recieved and released funds and so I was screwed and lost my money. I thought this was supposed to keep buyers safe!Dear Mr. Yvonne Ray,
  • any body try this suplier is this suplier i can trustIt is the point if you can stablely buy good-quality and good-price products from a reliable company. It is impossible that only you can buy good-quality and low-price products without rivals in Alibaba. "Never ignore" advices of th
  • Hello. I just wonder if someone has bought from Mahmoud Sultan Usman co.Ltd?Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many scammers, but how can we stop us from being scammed? It can become true if you get our help. And If you are not sure of your supplier eit
    Recommended There are so many companies not to have a trade business code. Demand it to them. But it's very easy for FRAUDs to forge a document. Check the documents carefully. Which they give to you. A
  • i would like to find a distribuitor of "ati rage xl quad video card", and this supposed company sell this item. if someone help me to find it ("ati rage xl quad video card"), I will reward very well. Regards...look at that image:
  • I purchased a book using pay pal. The person from whom I purchased the book insisted that she sent it however I never received the book. I tried on several occasions to contact the seller via e-mail an she has refused to reply. Is there any recourse for me or do I have to stand my should
  • How can i get my money back from this Company, I was offered a 3T Toyota Forklift 2006 in excellent condition which i paid for. I started suspecting them when they gave me high freight, so i asked a friend in China to help take delivery of the forklift only to get the pictures of a csrap machine of
  • the company of buvhezi trading ( is a scam . they offer low priced copy paper to force u to TT them money , then you are caught. some time they request to 30% advance then 70% after receiving the goods so u r caught again. has any one got fraud by this company
  • I saw a company by name china flame group on some time in July 2010 and paid for four [4] diesel generators[ 2 15kva, 1 25kva and 1 33kva, all sound proof] The company supplied the 2 15kva and failed to supply the remaining 24kva and 33kva. I have talk to the general manager Jack Lee and
  • we company focus on China brand phone , orginals and very popular but the market looks different , more and more people want to buy fake ,it's a pityyes  
  • hi, I read a couple of negative posts on your website about Qihan Technology on sample not being received and possible scam. Is Qihan Technology a reliable and quality supplier, I am interested in their products.Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are so many sca
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