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  • Hello, We are looking for a real Urea N46, Used Rails and HMS 1&2 supplier from Russia, and we found , the below 2 Russian companies, that they gave us very good prices, with Non Transferable L/C, but they ask for pay upfront fees to register the contract for Russian
  • Somebody know about this company? I do not know this is good one or not?NO NO, they are SCAMMERS. I got scammed last week, where I placed a very big order and were only sent 2 items. Now no answers no nothing from them........... AVOID THEM   Shirley please write me at: mrcosmith at yahoo d
  • Hallo My supplier ask me to do a TT payment i see on their web pages there was a escrow sign and they refuse to pay using escrow from alibaba How should we do Regards satriyo IndonesiaBe carefull,  Escrow is a safe mote to pay, but TT not, first see if the ACCOUNT NAME  is
  • how do i create groups?1,open the TM 2,open the group called "my friends" 3,click the "my group" 4,double click the "creat my own group' 5,write down the details about the group 6,submit
  • No do not do business with them. Contact me if you are having a problem with them.
  • i just enter internet Alibaba ,i was do export trading for 5 years but just start my own business this year .i see so many people said they have been cheated ,are there many cheating people here .how to protect cheating ? pls be honest to all your customers .don't make a unbelieveble.thanks allD
  • Scammers ? I think that after a two years of ordering stuff from them I got scammed on almost $400.00 , Sophy claimed that the shipment was sent 12/13/2010. I got a parcel number too, never received it, she stopped answering on skype . etc .... BEWARE , for more info please emial at ths99@optonline.
  • My main concern is how this so-called secure website can be hacked by scammers. I have yet to receieve my tools I ordered from 'LANXI LIDA FACTORY', and they have stopped all correspondence days after receving my payment. Is this a genuine supplier or have I been scammed?Asker
  • Just like to mention that I was scammed from a verified gold member on Dec 8, 2010....I was waiting to see if my bank could retrieve my money of $600.00 usd, but by the time they responded alibaba told me case has been closed because i did not send the documents in the time frame of 20 days. They p
  • I was cheated by a Verified member and Gold supplier of Unfortunately correspondence was via email and I paid him through Western Union. After the order cancellation, I asked to refund, after it they not responded to my emails. Can you help me?no turning back. rice already become porrid
  • Do not deal with this company under any circumstance. We paid them USD3664.00 last December 6th using a Bank. They promised to deliver the order in a few days. It never happened.It is now the 11th January . We emailed the company many many times, and each time we received a reply to say that they we
  • I ordered and received 10 usb 256gb flash drives from lei fang. They will not hold any data, I contacted him on December 21 and he said he would get back to me. As of today January 15 no reply, I have contacted him no less than 12 times and also contacted ESCROW twice and I haven't even got a
  • I was looking for a Led 3d TV supplier and found this company, i was suspisius about it because the regular price for Tv we want is between $ 3000 and $4000, they offered me 5 pcs for only $1950, but they only take WU or T/T as a payment with no protection buyer at all, so I went online to do some b
  • i recieved replay to quastion i asked that -- -" Carol from the Online Security Department has been assigned to look into your complaint. An email has also been sent to your registered""".... but only one email irecieved and no replay to my return email
  • I heard many girl scammer, right?Dear Sir, as we know, English is a international language, and we do interentional business via it, in china, the most of business english learners are girls, because chinese think the language suit for female to learn, so the girl sale are much more than male sale,
  • is this compan realy in existence,i need to buy from them, but ithink i am not safe, i may be cheated details of company below: Total Amount:$450usd Below are the Accountant's Payment details through Western Union Money Transfer (UK) Accountant's Receivers First Name:Angela Accoun
  • I tried to purchase from this supplier, and everything went fine. He even said I could do a 50 percent deposit so we can get started in business together. 6 weeks later I am still waiting! When he finally did make contact it was to say my order was cancelled because I made a small change to the orde
  • I have ordered 2 lots of childrens shirts from the supplier Kickclothes Truly on 2nd of January. On 3rd of January the supplier asked me to cancel my order because these shirts are out of stock. I did it and wrote to the supplier. He had to approve the cancelling. But he did not. I have written seve
  • would like to find buyers of used plastic water bottels,pls?go to the "sell" page, and register products of your company. good luck~
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