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  • How can i find out below scammer! i want money back! Top-Fly Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd Leizhen Building,Futian District,Shenzhen Guangdong,China Tel:0755-33557375 skype:kallyyanok G-Talks:kallytopfly@g Yahoo Website: http://
  • i was about to do bussines with yiwu tusse jewelry factory & wanted to see if they are legitimate suppliers of jewelry?please let me know as soon as possible,thank-you, i did see one report of saying they are fraudelent just wanted some insight of the truth?thanxITS VERY EASY,GET BETTER QUALITY
  • I was scammed out of $100 from this Ms Sheila Gianan, she never sent me a tracking number and refuses to reply to my e-mail. I sent her a Western Union, which she took and sent me nothing! WDear Mr. William Beiersdorf, Thanks for alerting us to your complaint. Carol from the Online
  • Good afternoon. The supplier doesn't want to recognize that has put us poor-quality products. We have bought about thousand pieces el backlight with inverters DC12V and DC24V. El backlight our supplier (seller) makes independently, but inverters for them they buy from other manufacturer, then
  • Good day. Any comments about WeihuiElectronic(international)co,ltd? Has somebody dealt with them? ThanksDangerous guy “Andy Ye” ( his email:;   Skype: andyyes1986;  used to be a cheap scammer by performing different roles.&nbs
  • Can someone tell me if: Hon Hai Precision Industry Co. Ltd website: is a trusted site?Asker
    Recommended   This company is a fraud. He gives the name of: Oliver and also gives wrong company certificates. Do not buy from him. Company information: Hon Hai Preci
  • **** BV! ! ! Plant together with a conscience to resist! First curse word! **** Her ancestors of months! ! Do not get a consistent standard inspection! Others do not see, Take the logo to do article! And their so-called Shanghai, the technical director of explanation! Get is a simply speaking the wo
  • Hi Sir, Nice to know you. I am sharon from Shanghai Teyi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. If you have any questions or inquiries, welcome to contact me for free.   Have a nice day.   Best Regards, sharon Shanghai Teyi Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.sharon at teyivalve dot com Skype: t
  • QUDI TRADING CO LTD Ms. Cathy Ma Flat/Rm 01, 10/F, Carnival Comm Bldg, 18 Java Rd, North Point, Hong Kong Tel:+86-755-36851259 Mobile:+86-13172406259 Address: Huaqiang South, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China Can you tell me. Are this company scammer? Because i see tw
  • Yes i ordered an item from this company, from cole, he says he is the ceo of the company he is a cheater.... its been a week since he collected my money from western union, but so far he no sends the product, just keeps saying he will send it in a few days..
  • Asker
    Recommended you can contact alibaba directly, they can help you It Is Possible Not to Be Scammed! Dear all buyers, there are too many scammers here. How can you do business successfully but not be scammed? What shall you do if you cannot make sure whether the supplier is real or no
  • Dear All, I need clarify the authenticity of the company - Qinhuangdao Hongnai Chemical co., Ltd. Does anybody had the relationship with them and who was the contact person.
  • A seller on aliexpress and alibaba is using our product photography to sell products on here. The photography clearly has our watermark on the photo. I have contacted the seller politely to remove the pictures as they belong to us and use/take their own with no response. I have contacted aliexpress,
  • Hello, I told fraudulent company Carbon Bike Frame, LTD. that I was and you confirmed that it has committed more than once. So why not on your server blocked by this fraudulent company, but there are still going to offer her an e-mail from I already reported, but is s
  • Dear's all. I was deceived. Client GOLD SARI - I sent the money by T/T. What should I do to return the money back? Help please! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reporting the case. Please be informed that Aliba
  • After I pay for an article by Wester Union it never arrives. I was scammed by a gold member supplier and now his page had disappear. I can't complete this page: because the seller page disappear. What can do for me? -------------------------
  • I have ordered for a product on 18 Feb 2011 11:43 and i have't got the product yet. When I tried making s complain i was told that the company has been suspended on aliexpress so I should the supplier directly. How I'm i sure that I'm safe and my money is secured?I have tried several tim
  • I need you help - PLEASE!! This is the company I order this from: T Company name: Hongkong Xing Electronic Co.,Ltd Tel: 0086-15280475319 MSN: Business E-mail: Website: Hongkong Office: 33F, Three Kawlaon, 6 Wang Street, Kawlaon Bay Ho
  • I'm looking for nikon digital camers and any site i come across seems to shady even with the good response they get from their customers. Any suggestions. I need one before next month is over.Hello Wreng, It is not a good idea to purchase a Nikon Camera from any chinesse or Hong Kong website, y
  • I am learning how to us Alibaba and would like to know how to find out if a company is legitimate. Where do I find this info? What payment system do you recommend? Is an audited business another safety measure for buyers?Being Scammed can be avoided! Dear all buyers! as you know, there are
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