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Not eat green beans to eat all the medicine? How long the interval should we go?

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Experts answer:Strictly speaking, the mung bean solution is the toxicity of drugs and food, rather than cure. People also used to save the green bean soup or food poisoning by drugs. Then, when taking Chinese medicines in the end it can not eat green beans? For this problem can not be generalized, this and the kinds of illnesses: such as with heat stroke, sore throat, cough and cough vomiting yellow sputum, mumps, dry mouth, mouth pain, skin infections, urinary tract infection, constipation fever real disease, in the Chinese herb while taking green bean soup (congee) or mung bean cake, etc., can play a complementary role, to achieve a multiplier effect. In addition, with the detoxification of the effect of mung bean, mung bean, Department of mung bean protein, tannins and flavonoids can be used with organic phosphorus pesticides, mercury, arsenic, lead compounds combine to form deposits, so that reduced or loss of toxicity, is not easily stomach intestinal absorption. Therefore, pesticide poisoning, while patients taking traditional Chinese medicine can be taken with raw mung bean soup or bean flour blunt research to increase the efficacy. As the cold green bean side, so the stomach Deficiency, Yang were useless body, such as chronic gastroenteritis, limb and joint Leng Tong, numbness, adverse events, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysmenorrhea, etc. Xu Zheng poor blood circulation, in the same time taking Chinese medicines green beans should be fasting. Otherwise, not only reduce the efficacy of Chinese medicine, but will be worse. When taking the Chinese medicine can take green beans, but also the medicinal properties of Chinese medicine and the related services: taking Coptis, Scutellaria, Phellodendron, Folium, Radix, bezoar, honeysuckle, gypsum and other heat class Chinese medicines, and green beans with the service, can be play a complementary role. Taking ginseng, astragalus, cinnamon, aconite, cloves, galangal and other drugs and Guizhi Warming, ginger, Asarum and other Chinese herbs and cold when the temperature by, without medical permission, not without taking green beans, so as not to reduce the efficacy, effective treatment.
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