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New achievements in China's railway construction

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Experts answer:Glory through the roof of the world - written on the occasion of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Laid October 12, 2005, destined to leave the world event in the history of a railway: the world's highest and longest plateau railroad permafrost - - Qinghai-Tibet Railway Completed laying. October 15, the first material through the Qinghai-Tibet railway arrived in Tibet to Lhasa. This marks the formal end of no railway in Tibet's history, also marked all of our provinces, cities and districts all through the railway. Break permafrost problems, to overcome the high altitude, the protection of vulnerable ecological problems eleven crack the construction of railway construction in Tibet railway is the dream of several generations of Chinese people. Since the founding of new China, the State Council on the construction of the railway to Tibet has always been caring. In 1984, the Qinghai-Tibet railway from Xining to Golmud section of the official carrier. June 29, 2001, 1,142 km Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Golmud to Lhasa began. Landslide, earthquake, wind, lightning, strong sunlight and debris flow. In addition to these frequent natural disasters, even faced with the Qinghai-Tibet Railway "permafrost, cold and oxygen, ecological fragility," the three major world problems of railway construction. 4 years, 10 million promoting road force "to challenge the limits, Yong first class" the spirit of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the snowy plateau to create a miracle. Qinghai-Tibet railway to pass through 550 km of continuous permafrost regions, in addition to part of the island permafrost, seasonally frozen ground depth, marsh wetlands and slope wetlands, is the largest construction difficulties. More than 200 research and engineering and technical personnel of joint research, has bite in permafrost under the tunnel, bridge, roadbed construction application technology and many other global problems, many of permafrost engineering measures are the first at home and abroad, so that the Qinghai-Tibet Railway into a "museum of the world's permafrost engineering." Fenghuoshan ice 150 meters thick, before the start of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the Western media have predicted: the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Fenghuoshan simply could not pass. Responsible for the construction of the China Railway Bureau and more than twenty scientific research units, have overcome a number of construction problems in permafrost worldwide. October 2002, Fenghuoshan smoothly through the tunnel. Qinghai-Tibet Railway was opened to an altitude of 3,000 meters, 4,000 meters above the elevation of the lot where there were 960 km, the highest point of 5072 meters, the annual average temperature below 0 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature of minus 45 degrees C, oxygen content is only half of the mainland, construction by pulmonary edema may occur at any time, life-threatening cerebral edema, high altitude sickness. To protect the health of the builders, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Construction Headquarters adhere to the health security first, past the construction site on the common "fearing neither hardship nor death" and other rhetoric, to be "people-oriented, protection of health" replaced. Established along the three-level medical institutions, workers get sick within half an hour can be taken to hospital for treatment on site. Qinghai-Tibet Railway has a large oxygen station 17, workers on average per person per day mandatory oxygen not less than 2 hours. In the 4 years since started building, no one died because of altitude illness. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and more rare animal species, large populations, the ecological environment is fragile. Golmud-Lhasa section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway a total investment of 33.09 billion yuan, of which the investment for environmental protection amounted to 1.2 billion yuan. Command is also the first time in the implementation of major projects of environmental protection supervision system, a third party to implement the entire Qinghai-Tibet railway environmental monitoring. Qinghai-Tibet Railway as a model of environmental protection of key projects: the first signed with the rail, environmental responsibility by the provincial book; for the first time the construction of migration route for wild animals; the first successful transplantation in high-altitude cultivation of turf ... ... to reduce transport costs, and expanding foreign exchange, changes in consumption structure of golden opportunities early in Tibet Plateau people, there will be a common feeling: high prices. According to an investigation in Tibet, in Lhasa, 700 yuan a ton of coal, a ton of cement 800 yuan, 100 yuan equivalent of the actual purchasing power of the coastal areas 54. The main reason is the relatively low production capacity in Tibet itself, but the main mode of transport by road, but also increased the cost of transporting goods out of Tibet and Tibetan people out of economic costs. The inconvenience of transportation has increasingly become the economic development of Tibet's reform and opening up bottlenecks. Tourism, mining, Tibetan medicine, agricultural and livestock products, handicrafts and other industries plateau characteristics, and because of traffic and subject to the control. Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Xining to Golmud inception, as the development and promotion of Qaidam Basin, Qinghai, Tibet economic development of the two provinces traffic. From the old town Golmud Gobi desert wasteland, into a modern city. Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs through Qinghai, Tibet, the two provinces, is the communication link with the mainland Tibet of strategic significance in the channel, the western hinterland of the road network is an important part of the skeleton. Through the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, will be green, possession of the economic development of the two provinces and provide a vast space, and radically improve the transport facilities in Tibet, the Tibetan form a railway, road and air transport three-dimensional, completely solve the supplies, personnel and out of the difficulties problems, the reasonable adjustment of industrial structure, and gradually formed its own economic hematopoiesis. Highland Landscape series, showing the charm to attract the world attention golden tourist route ready to come out the blue sky and white clouds, snow-capped mountains canyons, folk customs, religious temples ... ... the mysterious charm of the Tibetan Plateau with its huge, has been attracting foreign tourists. Since 1980, the number of tourists in Tibet at an average annual increase rate of 27.6%, 34% average annual growth of tourism income, two indicators are significantly higher than the national average. Tibet has the economic characteristics of tourism as the first, however, blocking the traffic but restricted the growth of this industry. Qinghai-Tibet Railway linking, not only offer lower fares for passengers will also be the Xining, Golmud and Lhasa, three cities in series as a whole, form a circle and ring ring Lhasa Golmud travel tourism circle. After the completion of Qinghai-Tibet Railway will remain open to traffic around the clock and use infrared monitoring system. In the general section of the train speed up to 120 km per hour, frozen sections 100 kilometers per hour. This means that from Golmud to Lhasa, no more than 12 hours. According to reports, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway train sub-ordinary passenger and tourist trains two, the former mainly to transport passengers, who both travel features, Everywhere can stop tourist resorts, tourist train is expected with 90 million annual passenger. By then, tourists will sit inside with oxygen functions, enjoy food, ethnic style performances and other services, visit the window view. This significant increase in tourists to Tibet will undoubtedly promote the development of Tibet's tourism boom. Facing the new situation, Tibet leap-forward development of the proposed strategy. Through the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Tibet will no doubt take the express train of the times, towards a better tomorrow.
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