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I was cheated on Alibaba by a TRUSTPASS member INNOSENZU LTD

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Users questions:Starting from a week ago, I talked with a guy whose name is Lindsey Susan Matete-McGee. Actually I don't know he is male or female, but it doesn't matter, I used to call him Susan.I searched on Alibaba to find out if there is any seller has iPhone for sale. Then I searched INNOSENZU LTD, (for ref: ). I started talking with Susan about the details of transaction, such as shipping cost, payment method, unit price etc. At the beginning, Susan was nice to answer my question. We keeped talking through Alibaba messaging until yesterday 11th July. We both agreed that I purchase 2 pieces of iPhone for sample for the first transaction. Susan asked me to pay by Paypal and I am OK. When I asked him to use Paypal transaction service which is I pay to Paypal first when I receive the sample and satisfy, Paypal would pay Susan. This is certainly a safe Payment method to safe both sides. But Susan rejected greatly and said I try to scam him. He then sent me a money request through Paypal to my email. On believing he has a TRUSTPASS membership on Alibaba, so I tried to trust him and sent a total amount of USD805 through Paypal to his Paypal account the following day 12th July, Susan denied to sell me iPhone and ask me to ask Paypal for refund. Susan claimed that he can't send money to me. All things are not logical and don't make sense. How come he denied to sell after accept my payment? How come he claimed he can't send money back to me and ask me to ask Paypal for refund? I totally don't understand what is going on. But now, I know it is a fraud. He tried to fraud me so he accept my payment and denied sending me the iPhone. It is a fraud because he is not willing to send me back the payment and ask me to lodge refund myself. Also, his reason of not selling to me is very ridiculous which is "no interest to sell to you". Thus, I am sure Susan was trying to fraud!!Can anyone give me advice to get my refund? and most important is to stop Susan's fraud activity on email: THANKS!!
Experts answer:Hi, marcoyiu,Pls report this case to's TrustPass service team at
Experts answer:I was scammed too by a company called Hongkong Leiming Ltd. Seach the forums "Hongkong Leiming", those forums as well as many others will state how your voice can be heard. Unfortunately, we cannot get our money back and Alibaba will continue to quickly accept membership fees without properly checking if a company is a fly by night fraudulent company. I'm from the US so obviously it will be hard for me to communicate with authoriites in China just to even file a police report. We need to keep working these forums and warn other people about our experiences so that they will not be scammed too.I go to trade shows here in the US, ASIS, Comdex, ISC. These are all security shows. Somebody i know that was also scammed on Alibaba is making shirts that will be ready next month. It will be a black stylish Tee Shirt that will have, " Golbal FRAUD starts here. Buyer beware. Lose your money. I did! "Email me if you want the web link to the tee shirt when the link gets out. Also you can't just wear this tee shirt. You must be a person who was scammed and wants to voice our their opinion.
Experts answer:How do I file the money back? "Address a problem with this transaction in the Resolution Center" <-- do you mean that? THANKS THANKS!I have reported this case to Alibaba with relevant document of evidence, I hope it does help to advance Alibaba to prevent crammers pretending "TRUSTPASS"!!
Experts answer:Marco is not telling the truth. The day after Marco placed the order he demanded I produce the shipping document - this was on a SUNDAY. When i told him that I would refund his money that day after hours of arguing about it being a Sunday - he refused to take it back out of Paypal - I told him several times that I was not going to sell to him and that night he had my Paypal account frozen which was fine by me - I produced the documentation to Paypal again about my supplier - Marco kept insisting that I send goods and then he would have Paypal release the funds. I sent emails about this to Alibaba which is why i was not booted. Marco received his money back ONLY AFTER I BATTLED PAYPAL TO SEND IT BACK. Paypal did not want to send it back and kept stating that it was mine which it obviously wasnt.. Marco can not be trusted - all the way through this he kept insisting that I pay him back via TT or western Union - yeah right - he keeps the refund Paypal sends and again through western union or bank deposit. I warn anyone that this guy is a crook and will take from unwary sellers.  
Experts answer:You are very lucky that you paid with paypal. Atleast your money is protected and can get it back once you submit your claim. He has no iphones. Submit your claim and send a report to Alibaba and let them know what happened. There is a form you can download and submit. Atleast he will have to answer to them what has happened
Experts answer:if you file a charge back with paypal you will recieve your full payment back least you are safe and used paypal I have just dealt with they sent me a dodgy phone instead of a laptop and tomtom which  orderedavoid this seller at allcosts they will rip you off left right and centre they are scammers and yet they are gold pass member???????????hong4 xing Alina           MSN/Email : hongxing4@live.cnWebsite:         http://www.668good.comavoid above seller if you want to keep your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Experts answer:He prob. bought them from someone else and got scammed trying to make some money middlemanning
Experts answer:
Experts answer:Hello , I'm one of the people who they have still some money from ...I've bought from them 10 Iphone the 13th of March.I have never received them because they never had one in their hand !!!Only making excuses all the time, but here is the more important thing => they have charge me twice for the same item !!!Then they own me more than 8000 $ !!!When I have contacted them they had never done anything for refund me, I just have a great message " Don't contact me anymore " .They don't answer my email ...These people are scammers. I'm in deep trouble now because of them , but they don"t care at all... of course they don't care they have my 8000$ in their pocket ...From now I have been refund of the half part of my money because of my bank asked a refund from their bank in NZ ( after a battle of 2 months... ) . But I have still lost 4000$  because my bank cannot refund me the first part because now it's a commercial problem ( the part that i have been refund is because they charge me two times for the same order and it's cover by the bank insurance... )You know Rags2riches aka Susan that I'm right , i have all the documents to prove what i say ( charge 2 times, refund just one time, email from the seller that he will refund me, email from the seller saying that he recognized that i have been charged 2 times , etc ..) But this time it's not a paypal problem because i have paid using bank transfert ... Look, why don't you try to refund me ? You have done business from that time , so now you have the money to refund me.You have send me a email saying that you will refund me , and you never did it. So now I'm asking you , why don't you refund me the 4000$ left?ByeTimerXaka TC75BUY on ebay ( for you to remember ... )
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