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I find any of the jailbreak process

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Users questions:Recently, I have to start a U.S. version IPHONE4, hand a week ago Friday, preparatory work, including: comparing each escape virus software Green Green rain over snow, Hong-Xue; read the cut card tutorial, try cutting card; download a variety of software, tools , program, games were more than 4 G (including the 3 navigation); organize music, album art, lyrics; up APPLE account and activate.. . . . . . ??????? Because I use a state line until TOUCH3.1.2 (pseudo-third generation 8G), so have some understanding of ITUNES. After a successful jailbreak basic need ITUNES, and has been ignored. ??????? Can not wait to get home after work on Friday excitedly out IPHONE4, connected to the charger, make sure the card slot with an ATT card, I thought save trouble, and no need to cut card. Test wireless router signal, strong, good. Bathing, eating. This process on a computer at home, download the latest ITUNES10.1 satiate, points on the cigarette and see the download is complete, point of installation, a cup start. 1, I am home, buy a new DELL computer is pre-installed WIN7, download computer told me: Please download the appropriate 64-bit ITUNES. Daze. Internet, Wei Feng Baidu, found WIN7 not compatible with ITUNES is a common phenomenon. Too lazy to look at the tutorial setting, but also looking for a long time before that, the United States only 64 official website APPLE ITUNES download. No time to sigh, and point to open the link to download it. 2, the speed suddenly very slow very slow, down more than 20 minutes before more than 1M, the page will not open. Range, and with the laptop on, thanks to upgrades in the company over ITUNES, connected to the IPHONE, activation, suddenly found a laptop wireless signal can not search! ! ! Router to 0.5 meters away from the 5800 mobile phone test signal smooth. 3, reset, restart, is invalid. Regardless of the cable to pull down desktop computers plugged into the notebook, the successful activation IPHONE. 4, God forbid a 4.1 system, unlock do not know when to wait, open the settings, see: 4.1! 5, Yangtianchangtan 6, backup SHSH, complete view storage path, the computer told me that the path is invalid. Again, the problem remains. 7, ignoring, at worst brush 4.2. 8, open the green poison, Rising virus is found, delete it. Ah really is poison! Broke character! 9, in a daze 10, re-download the green poison, and looked over the tutorial on the Wei-feng, 11, began to escape, character again broke out, the phone off the ground, and data lines disconnected, white apple 12, I do not believe, come again! 13, actually succeed! 14, installation CYDIA repeated error, try DAILI, is invalid. 15, shut down restart, no error, the installation to 36% of the time and error out. Next, 45% of the exit, again, 67% of the exit. . . . 98% of the worst one out of 16, finally succeeded, the body has been soaked in sweat, cigarette point, I made what sin ah. Postscript, the installation procedure went smoothly, but a prompt will pop up from time to time: the activation process will take some time, please wait (not exact words, about this meaning.) Do not know why, there is to know, please enlighten me. Yes more than adequate preparation, and sent the pattern on the body of the tutorial, there are so many to happen, really unexpected outbreak of the process have been tens of seconds, out of my life and life more than three hours, mentally exhausted it!
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