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Hundred what party membership dues wants to pay salary? Does bonus calculate inside?

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Experts answer:Zyq135333; one, set according to party constitution, party membership dues allows collection according to the following mark: 1, monthly wages income 0.5% 2 of 400 yuan of less than, come 401 yuan 600 yuan of 1% 3, come 601 yuan 800 yuan of 1.5% 4, reach 1500 yuan 801 yuan (after duty) 1500 yuan of 2% 5, above (after duty) 3% 2, gross income of every monthly wages includes: 1, institution technology personnel, administrator: Functionary pay, grade salary, subsidiary (do not include a government special allowance) , bonus (point to the bonus that regards salary as the part, do not include one-time heavy award and one-time end of the year stake, similarly hereinafter) . 2, institution worker: Post salary, grade salary, subsidiary, bonus. 3, student Party member (the) of graduate student Party member that includes to do not have wage income, do not have economic income or support comfort and compensate a bereaved family, relieve the Party member that make a living, pay party membership dues every months 1 horn. 4, after Party member of provision of new personality party answers to be preliminary Party member in approval of ranking Party committee, begin what be preliminary Party member through its from branch congress to pay party membership dues that month. 5, after the Party member adjusts wage or upgrading, should from reissue fill since the month of salary pay party membership dues, fill hand in amount to press add endowment the salary after is calculated for base. 6, retreat (from) cease the Party member should set those who bring into total wages to retreat with national statistic bureau (from) cease cost pays party membership dues for base. 7, but, most in real work unit does not have the formulary level collection according to party constitution. I am annual pay 120 yuan, also should want every year to hand in at least by formulary level 800 multivariate.
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