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How do I find QSIHD09A

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Users questions:I lost instracshen for my air condition, and ned the copy. modelof in door unit QSIHD09A 0528 07 08 06
Experts answer:There are two reasons why your search result may not be accurate: a.       Your search keyword might not be spelled correctly Please check your spelling and try your search again. If you are not sure what the correct spelling is, try using Google to check. Just enter your spelling and click Search. Google will give spelling suggestions at the top of the page if your spelling is not correct. b.       One product may have various names Try other keywords that have the same or similar meaning to the keyword you used. Again, Google is a good tool to find alternative names. Just enter your product keyword and click Search. You can find suggestions in the search results. You can also try searching with “product keyword” + “also called”/ “other name”. To learn get more tips on searching products, click here                   
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