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Users questions:Domestic and foreign trade companies is through dealing with, by their intermediary for export. ) Wondering: As for foreign trade without too much experience, but is a graduate school of International Trade (currently only the CET-4), can be considered professional counterparts were back on the. The original department did not directly into the business can be time-sharing, and now faced with the choice of separate, very vague. Want strong man of enthusiastic friends to help analysis. The current trend is to the company's emphasis on international aspects, after all, not through intermediaries, profits in better shape. But who are not sure they will be a lifetime in a company. So we should give more consideration to take into account the domestic business to do good or to do a good international business. As well as their ability to enhance the impact of future development more! Thank you!
Experts answer:On the other hand, employers also need to proceed from the actual work to select personnel, university graduates have to face this reality: Social also choose you. From the perspective of understanding to create two-way choice. Choose not to provide students the opportunity to enjoy, but will be opened to the students skills and knowledge into the vast material wealth, the road. Therefore, two-way option is a creative work to achieve the beginning of the value of life. From the perspective of understanding the development of two-way choice. Students choose a career not only valued by employers with the conditions and benefits, long-term vision to use awareness of the choice of employment trends, to themselves and the profession, and society in a harmonious state, the individual's potential to get maximum play. From the perspective of understanding the possible two-way choice. Many students choose a career by social conditions, in addition to their own knowledge structure, skills and other basic qualities, but also by national policy, economic development, social needs, and many other factors, unrealistic wishful thinking will not succeed. Only a correct understanding of themselves, a correct understanding of society in order to make their own choices feasible.
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