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Fuzhou Tongtong Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd

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Users questions:Hi Guy's, Just wondering if anyone has dealt with Fuzhou Tongtong Fishing Tackle Co.,Ltd at all ?
Experts answer:Yes and they ripped us off! DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!
Experts answer:do you have any question on this company ?we did not konwn what you want ?
Experts answer:Do not deal with this company for i sent them $840us Dollars by Western Union payment 11 days ago but still have nothing for it. They say they sent via DHL with a ficticous number that doesnt work. Regards......
Experts answer:Has anyone tried looking or contacting them?  I got ripped off by them too. I paid via WU. Does anyone knows how to get our money back? Modified by michelle nguyen on 03-04-2012 08:56
Experts answer:I just wanted to know if they were a good company to deal with as they are not verified.
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