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  • can anybody tell me where to start looking for wholesalers in China? My partner and I have what we believe is a sound business idea, but have no idea how to go about setting up. Assumingly, we need to source a supplier and check if the idea is financially viable before registering a website etc..
  • Hello PeopleDoes anyone know of a special tyres size 245/700R400 or 235/700R450 and where i can buy them. Expert
    Recommended First let me explain tyre coding, or what this means. The number 245/235 relates to the Tyre Width in millimetres. The number 700 relates to the Tyre Profile It is th
  • i was student.i want to ask, how many price of n-butyl acetate?thank can get the answer,through search keywords in alibaba webstite
  • Is there anyone knows 'Trade fair'?[em19]so cool!!! [em19] [em20]thank you... A trade fair (trade show or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent trend
  • What does expense mean?[em1] [em10] Yes expense has a very specific meaning. just conclude many things ! almost everything can contact money ! so many people complain when they were bought something. [em10] I think it has 3meanings:1. amounts paid for goods and services that may be currently tax ded
  • did u mean the 1st step in launching a business is the sourcing which means find a source to there request productsdid you want to say :Procurement The first step is to find a source.This is ZHEJIANG JIANMEI FSSHION ACCESSORIES CO., a factory,may be i can hope you.ZHEJIANG JIANMEI FASHION ACCE
  • What is sourcing? Hi !This is Haman corp in Korea. Sourcing is meaning buying.But it's not just buying.When you need import from foreign country,you want to find buyer and high quality productswith compatible price.So sourcing means buyer import high quality products with compatible price from d
  • What is 'Strategic Sourcing'?the former's answer is very good.hello I'm wendy just a graduate student. And my jod now is to expand the web site wwwebayboot and wwwtakejerseyscom. can you tell me how ?? Strategic sourcing is an institutional procurement process that continuously impro