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EP who pen the lyrics of the latest O ~ ~ ~

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Users questions:Pen out of the new EP, who lyrics ah! ! 4 All To Oh ~ ~ Thank you! !
Experts answer:"Left me a" look at me like you pretend not to pass out so I do not know what hurt my heart the tears of a fallen world as if only left me cold all over I know I'm a Who sing what you said you will stay with me every day that we who held hands tightly hugged you lie to me about the pain tears my heart out like a falling all over the world left me cold and I'm only me Who knows What you said in the singing you will stay with me every day that we who held hands tightly hugged you lie to me left me cold and left me everywhere Who knows what I'm singing to you if I do anything wrong How sad is better than punishing hard to ignore me. "does not hurt," I still believe that you too share the screen since there is likely to achieve your happiness always have your heart I can not see the other side I still regard you as a My original intention of the day you left me a bit of time and then you say this and I do not know whether patriotic are not associated with the wish that we still are not changed if the heart of how your love will not obvious early in my heart by the lack of barrier a hole in my heart like a lost I could not move without your love my love I have no unreasonable use, if you ask me to pretend not hurt knocked off our memories I can not review your changes gradually temporarily or forever I do not know if we are not the same heart that has changed how desire obvious love for you will be back to my heart by the unreasonable absence like a hole in my heart not lose you I could not move I love the love I have no unreasonable use of hurt if you ask me to pretend alms you love nothing more than loneliness makes me sad oh baby ~ ~ I do not expect a result for me at least tell me if to go back to your love The barrier is missing my heart lost a hole in my heart like I could not move without your love my love I have no unreasonable use pretending not hurt if you ask me, "Swan" If no call from you wings still can not open early in the morning will be the number of blue sky overlooking the Swan I am your You are my hero wind beneath my wings waiting for your call which side to fall on shore in the shoulder and once you feel cold I desire to cry softly Or do you force feather touch the stars I'm up to my swan you are my hero you the wind beneath my wings, I am your You are my swan lake waiting for my landing, "uh," I saw a cartoon about a smart A young monk named Sang Hugh but his mother was a queen monk to take him to school and not very pretty when the emperor and his mother is very bright eyes, long hair, and my mother as my mother taught me good good to learn that the less brain has to think the most important Today I want to tell you good I hope you can get every day from 70 other students complain of gas your mother teach you to let everyone she did not call you curse to the shops also use tile street you do not shoot air at you and she, her mother Hey, I did not mean I do not blame you when you are brothers everything is gonna be ok to hurt the teacher everyone you have a brain to grow on your mind Feel your hat inside both side that can hear me called "ear" to speak is called "speak"! talk nonsense is rubbish! without thinking does not pretend to understand the purpose of respect for their own sordid unreasonable you please give me shut up! Do not covet the interests of loyalty not to the wind with the crosses on the wall Do not be afraid of the rain say you do not rush through your own efforts to live up to expectations! mind to understand these thoughts after listening ears and listen to sing sing pen: to teach you today, you do not forget the nose that is not only used Today taught that you must learn to know is that there do not know what to think and to learn to respect the leadership to learn polite service! service ~ air! Society convinced convinced convinced Gangster Gangster met pen as the most cookies do not stand up sprinkle a pen at least met with Xiao Ke Jiao worry about writing a song written by the teacher ... ... hinder ... uh ... ... not a good parent would pen a sweet smile met pen injections of harassment by the nurses that more courageous sister Xie Rongrong nice ass sister, or else embrace Artest can not be maintained (Oh? ah? beside the point now? Oh, sorry I'm sorry ah, I went on to say ah) sometimes called cookies that I led my little Clay Pot favorite favorite favorite yogurt burp and then raised his head and smile again compared Hanhan pain I will not call me to learn how to not make me say to them (I fear that the, ah ... ...) Oh, yes, yes, said today that this is not , is to teach you, so I Xie Yixia to continue ah uh ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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