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About China Import and Export Commodity Inspection

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Users questions:About China Import and Export Commodity Inspection
Experts answer:In international trade, import and export commodity inspection is essential and very necessary. In old China, although in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hankou, Chongqing and Tianjin has a testing organization, but in fact, import and export commodity inspection and visa rights have been agents of foreign monopoly of notaries. After the liberation, the Chinese government attaches great importance to the import and export commodity inspection. In 1952, the Central People's Government established within the Ministry of Foreign Trade Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau, the unified management of the national commodity inspection authorities and inspection work. January 1954, the Government Administration Council promulgated the "Provisional Regulations on Export and Import Commodity Inspection" has been used in this Ordinance to the State Council issued in 1984, "Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Ordinance" stop. February 21, 1989, the Seventh National People's Congress of China adopted by the sixth meeting of the first laws on import and export commodities inspection - "Republic of China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Law." In the same year on August 1 onwards. In the past forty years, China's import and export commodity inspection has been steadily strengthening, testing agencies gradually improved inspection techniques and gradually modernized. Under unified management in the State Commodity Inspection Bureau, in all the country's provinces, autonomous regions, the main port and major distribution center for import and export commodities of the Commodity Inspection Bureau and its branches set up. Now, the national commodity inspection authorities, there are nearly twenty thousand technicians and experts, most of them highly educated, engaged in professional testing and scientific research has a wealth of practical experience. The commodity inspection authorities are equipped with sophisticated test equipment, capable of food, soil animal products, chemical products, metals and minerals, light industry, textiles, machinery, electrical appliances, instruments and other commodity inspection and chemical analysis, physical experiments and microbiological testing. Currently, the commodity inspection authorities and the world more than two hundred commodity inspection authorities to establish a broad business and cooperation relations in the field of international inspection and growing reputation.
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