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A stealing was found to be B A pursuit to cross the street when hit by a car, who is to blame? Who is responsible for medical expenses?

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Users questions:Students in the theft of a bike thief is found, when the students after the thief, the thief suddenly cross the street, Knocked seriously injured by a car. The court held that students pay the thief's medical expenses, is this reasonable? What who is to blame? Who is responsible for the medical expenses it? Best to provide a legal basis, thank you ... ...
Experts answer:Court's decision is lawful and reasonable. 1, the implementation of the thief stealing is illegal, but the spot was found and attempted theft, because no harm can be exempted from punishment. 2, then the owner of the chase behavior is the main reason for injuries caused by thieves hit, namely: the thief acts of serious injury and owners have a direct causal relationship between, so a vehicle to pay a certain bear corresponding civil liability for medical expenses. 3, the owner chased the aim is to protect the legitimate rights and interests of their own, trying to catch the thief's behavior is lawful and reasonable, subjective intent does not want to hit by the thief, the owner can not be the objective situation is expected, therefore, the owner is actually not at fault. On the other hand, the thief ran away to avoid being arrested, apparently for the injury the result is unpredictable. For stealing a bike and brutally injured, obviously the penalty would be too serious. For the results of both the occurrence of serious injuries are not at fault, then only the actual situation, the two parties may share civil liability. Thus, according to
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