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Users questions:Such as the title ... Thank you for help. Such as the publication. Brochure. End of the. Such things to get better.
Experts answer:Not as good as I would like to get hold of calendars Well, next year a year, well people can remember the words of one year, so you look at a calendar fine copy. \u25CB January: hermaphrodite (Androgyny) lizards with eggs replication genes. In vivo pollen spent autobiography. Their own eggs fertilized snails. Mythology is set out, man was originally androgynous, self-divided into two after the Garden of Eden, incomplete evolution, so busy looking for Adam and Eve, Eve is looking for Peter. Win back areas of gender, male and female co-exist in the new century to go back to neutral, and has a double Oedipus libido. Gaultier stitched skirt long hair male beauty, Chanel amount of good to the fifth head women, will be uniform. Prince meets Prince meets Mulan Butterfly, gender reconciliation in the body, since there is no gender discrimination, androgynous generation, we are more self-sufficient. \u25CB February: transform For (Body Off) God owe you, of course, might gain back. As long as you can endure the scalpel cut a beautiful sentence, or adjust the type of armor to wear underwear, you will have Namie Amuro's little face, COCO's narrow waist, and Sharon Stone's legs. If you want to temporarily camouflage, can be a wig, tattoo beauty mark, replaced by blue eyes, covered with wheat colored, silver-haired mother into candy or makeup on the Barbie pink, quickly leave the reality and all the nasty people. A mercurial two-body only exciting double life; in addition to players become Eddie Murphy, the other person enough to remember that in secret affixed stickers to identify the identity of the tattoo, or you carry identity cards to nothing to do with the intelligence said. \u25CB March: Single Free (Single Freedom) are not necessarily the prince and princess lived happily ever after. Every third person, there is a choice for single or health-type separation, small suites for the construction, is no longer your bathroom is occupied, use your toothbrush, you will have more room to display personal possession, more time to see books, watching movies, and sleep, more money to enjoy life more expensive. Paradise Lost lessons have been realized, life is limited, please choose the most cocooned real life, the enjoyment of the most selfish, self-contained sociologists predicted ephemera of civilization has begun. \u25CB April: peeping with the exposure (Peek & Expose) is no longer the caretakers peeping and credit information agencies, Investigation Bureau, the preservation of the privileges, patients with complex end of the century the city from the closed cocoon of family home and began setting up the edge of the balcony in their own special Search teams, eight from the boring file transfer network congestion eyes, all the loss of ratings, are open 24 hours the flow of the pinhole camera, the Balam machine synchronous radio, 3D stereo perspective mirror, decoder, high multiple telescopes, decided to start peeping wife, neighbors, celebrities, passers-A and myself. Voyeur and performance of all desire, you selected a seat? \u25CB May: natural disasters and epidemics (Exterminatic & Epidemic) God can not prevent natural disasters, Nu can not make the hole in the ozone layer, air-conditioning can not reduce the greenhouse effect, the epidemic spread of the vaccine fail to do so. Hanging wormwood, drinking realgar, Buddha's tooth, people pray, drink water, sterilizing the invention of clothing, with anti-UV umbrella ... ... we can not avoid danger, vulnerable to the attack. Outside of a major disaster or really happened in the movie, a killing the virus, the epidemic continues to spread, God helps those who help themselves, you hope for the best. \u25CB June: Prophecy and Religion (Predict & Belief) hypnosis back to past lives, fortune tomorrow to ask the tarot, crystal ball to see their own future, the future of the password has been written in the Bible. End is near, God could not come, they do not pay homage to the Shoko Huang, amateur learn a little crape myrtle, to see a little astrology, and pass that spirit, practice qigong, said that predictions that iron Fortune would be a good witch , the wise prophet or angel magic man, can make you good luck, salvation. \u25CB July: Computer and Network (Cyberspace) is found from the Love Match machine lovers, office workers in overnight into an e-chicken farmers, the heart of the actions, and no net negative. Computer Genesis, full liberation of repressed personality, you can customize the sex, rename and create a new identity. Grocery shopping, ask life, friends, school, doctor, sex, confession, grave, self-cultivation, to mention money, play, buy weapons, ... ... computer responsive to court, unless the stroke, poisoning, or crash. The computer had not yet ready to begin the new century, the crisis has started out of order. In a perfect virtual reality, we have gradually lost the courage to face the real world, no computer, we will not be better off? \u25CB August: the future home (Future Home) We can produce their own oxygen, chlorophyll and phytoncid, the use of solar energy self-sufficient, too cocooned life. We will have an automatic temperature control of the house, an online video office, a virtual sex bedroom, a virtual Seine River ecological garden, a heated pool, private kitchen, taste buds ... .... A computer intelligent control flow of foreign road systems, which can be set up in space colonization station, to travel in the Star. If you are looking for Chang, can live on the moon. If you are a Leo, you can live in the constellation Leo, Yong Sing is king. \u25CB September: back to nature (Tend To Natural) with lettuce, eat, sleep with lavender, bergamot clamp with Renew, make love with rosewood, with hemp sewing, with aloe vera treatment. Shakespeare's decision appeared to plants and animals, all to the new century. Like nature, simple pleasure, rejected artifacts, the little prince will send you a rose, as the end of the century the last bottle of perfume. \u25CB October: Extraterrestrial Life (Outer Life), and ET was shaken hands, was seen flying saucer. It was shot down ID4, was abducted by aliens. The Fifth Element has been activated, the Third Kind has already begun, like Easter Island's stone leave them a gift, we are still looking for new friends to live in outer space. \u25CB November: The Clone (Clone), and, like Narcissus in the mirror before the narcissism, the twins can not find the body, can not find spiritual Veronica Wei-sided. After the success of Dolly the sheep, we decided to put themselves into complex, hands-copy exactly the same, or more perfect their own copy of Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jordan, and the endangered giant pandas. We are busy and need spare, you need to print money as like, quickly copy the value of the human brain. Look at the times they have been born, has arrived. \u25CB December: the advent of the millennium (Millennium) If the comet hit the Earth, if El Nino is greater than the baby boom wave, if the polar transfer, the tide rose, we in the new century, to adapt to new environment? Unless you have real estate on the moon, unless you drive the spacecraft to escape, use light meter date, or looking for a security than the Titanic, Noah's Ark, with your civilization, and a whole zoo on ship. Too late to see the doctor, not aging, put himself frozen to minus 196 \u2103, and others Wenxing the next century, in the Easter peace to wake up. Celestine prophecy book has been published, the second millennium is coming, stamping on his forehead who schedule an appointment you will see God.
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