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2011 Egypt, recruitment in the international building materials exhibition

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Users questions:2011 International Building Materials Fair in Egypt in Egypt, recruitment, exhibition, building materials, describes the recruitment exhibition: INTERBUILD the Middle East, building the largest and most successful exhibition since its establishment in 1994, held annually, has successfully hosted the 17th . Participated in this exhibition of the participating companies, the general response is that if you have the advanced products and services, you have the opportunity to share INTER BUILD and all the companies brought 2,000 billion dollars in the construction market. Moreover, for all those who supply building products, INTER BUILD is a find new customers, maintain excellent relations between the old platform, because every year hundreds of thousands of professional visitors and exhibitors to exchange impressions of this event and look for new products . Egypt is located in the junction of three continents Asia, Africa and Europe, with more than 6,000 million people. Meanwhile, Egypt's economy to its surrounding radiation and strong international market potential for larger capacity and with more trade and investment opportunities. Egyptian economy is an open market economy and become more diversified, private economy in the proportion of the national economy has more than 75%. At present, the weak industrial base in Egypt, is gradually increasing investment in infrastructure and industrial construction, demand for building materials. Building material production enterprises and their domestic less can not meet their market demand. Therefore, building materials production enterprises in China, the Egyptian market is an important market for your concern. Display range: construction machinery: processing equipment, construction machinery, construction equipment, site protection products, construction site facilities; building materials: ceramics, natural stone, artificial stone, modified materials (bronze, etc.), construction of chemical additives, coatings, paint, flooring and carpet, wallpaper and wall mosaics, etc.; doors and windows, ceiling and roof materials: including door and window materials (wood, aluminum, plastic, steel), hollow glass, curtain wall, balcony and so cut off, shutters; Garden hardware, architectural hardware, faucets, plumbing equipment, sanitary ware, valves, fasteners, standard parts, barbed wire, etc.; heating facilities, refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems, heating technology, water supply and sewerage; electrical installations, lighting systems ; sanitary ware, sports and leisure equipment; power tools, hand tools, pneumatic tools, garden tools, weeding tools, irrigation equipment. Exhibition schedule: 6.16 the first day of Shanghai (Beijing) - Cairo Airport for flight to Cairo. 6.17 Upon arrival in Cairo the next day, the airport, breakfast, go to exhibition hall exhibition hall 6.18 6.19 third day of the fourth day Cairo to Cairo to study hall exhibitors 6.20 Egypt Cairo fifth day of the construction market, understand the market in the afternoon City City Tour, after dinner, the sixth day of the Cairo Airport off 6.21 - Shanghai (Beijing) to return home, the end of a pleasant trip to Egypt. Costs associated with :11800-12800 Yuan / person includes: (round-trip international air fare, coach fees, accompanied by charges outside the four-star hotel standard double room **, meals, visa fees, foreign insurance) as the reference flight trip flights , specific to the actual ticket prevail. Providers are invited to visit, after completing this form contact, back to Division I, the details of our staff will contact you the first time, thank you! Turkey Tusuo Ya Group Shanghai Representative Office - Exhibition Department of Jiangsu Province (Yancheng) Olivia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Tel :021 -51870623-2 / 3/4/5 Fax :021 -51870623-8 mail: Website: more sectors of the exhibition, please call our company. .
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